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    Welcome to the club:)
  2. If Coldplay could play you one last song as you lay on your deathbed, what would it be?
  3. It's got to be '42'... I went to the Coldplay concert in South Africa and the number of people who didn't know what the '42' painted on my T-Shirt meant was ridiculous, never mind that no-one knew that it was an actual song:/... It's the one song where Chris says they have achieved making a 'Radiohead' sounding song: Definitely under-rated
  4. The title says it all:) What is your favourite song from each Coldplay album to date? Parachutes: ? ROBTH: ? X&Y: ? Viva: ? MX: ? And if there's any particular reason for a song being 'The One' from that album, don't hold back in proclaiming it:) Looking forward to the response:lol:
  5. Thanks:) So does anyone wanna tell me the general workings of the site? Where do I, for example, start a thread on opinions of a certain Coldplay song or whatever:)
  6. Hey everyone:) So after listening to Coldplay for 10 years, I've realised how stupid I've been not to join? Glad to eventually be a part of it:)
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    Hello from South Africa! Don't know why it's taken me so long to become a member but here I am at last!
  8. First impression was...hmmm different, but as the song goes on you realise it is a growing succession of the VLV Album. One may say Coldplay's style in RoBH and Parachutes is missed but, then again, those albums haven't gone away. If Coldplay produced another album similar to the two previously mentioned, it becomes quite ordinary and may suggest a lack of new ideas. The idea that the best of the band has been heard and that they're going backbto their safe zone would have also resulted. This single suggests the work of Coldplay is one of progress. We just mustn't forget, they're still the sam
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