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  1. This is my first post since 2011. I was a huge fan of the band from 2003-2013. I saw them live in 2005 and 2009 so I'd consider myself an "Oldplayer." I came back because I was so happy to hear this album. I did like MX a lot but I didn't love it like their first four albums. I was very disappointed in their last two albums and kind of stopped listening to the band for a long time. I am so happy to be back. I don't think there is one song that I dislike on this album. There are snippets in some that I think could have been left out but the whole album is pleasant from beginning to end.
  2. I like a few Radiohead songs, but have never been a big fan. Other than the songs that I have heard, they just bore me. I need to listen to more from them though.
  3. Coldplay has the best opening tracks of any artists I think. All of their opening tracks, excluding Don't Panic, could open up their shows perfectly...and they have. I have seen Square One and Life in Technicolor open up their shows live but Politik would have to be the best.
  4. For me, the end of the era was when they performed at Rock im Park.
  5. Does anyone else agree? I always have the volume too loud when HLH starts. Maybe I just saw them perform it live too many times.
  6. One of the best on the album.
  7. His voice is better in the live version. It's too boring, quiet and over produced in the studio version.
  8. I give it a 7. What is with them just repeating three words or so in the chorus of a lot of their new songs? :/
  9. This could turn out amazing or horrible. When I heard Princess of China, I liked it but there was just something missing. If she comes in and just does some background stuff like "oh oh ohs" or something then it probably wouldn't be bad at all. If she takes the lead during more than like 1% of the song then I will be nervous about it.
  10. Isn't this album supposed to deal with addiction? Maybe it is the year when some/all of the band dealt with that.
  11. I like them both but Para-Para-Paradise is used way too much.
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