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  1. Oh damn, I ruined it! I'm so sorry! I'm new to this thread...
  2. St├ęphanie, merci beaucoup pour votre lettre! I loved it! And the butterfly is beautiful...thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!

  3. And this is terrible, but I haven't a single Coldplay shirt except the one Chris designed for Whateverittakes.org
  4. Everyone seems like they're going to have something spectacular! I have no idea what I'm going to do!
  5. And thank you everyone who posted... all of you helped :)
  6. thanks :) I'm going to watch it right now :)
  7. I watched some of the videos I took in Abu Dhabi last New Year's Eve....is it weird that it's already working??
  8. So I should stop listening to them for a while??? That's going to be hard, but I will try.
  9. I have, and I loved it. :) There's no doubt that I love them, but (sorry I'm just repeating the same thing over and over again) the songs! Thanks so much for helping :) What should I do to start over?
  10. Hi! :) so when are you going to make the final song choice??

  11. Yeah, that's what I thought... But like one of the people who posted said...we need a song with a lot of lyrics...
  12. I've tried that, but I think it's more about their songs than them.
  13. I know this may be a very stupid reason to start a thread, but I need some advice. Basically, I'm not at all touched -I guess you could say- by any Coldplay song anymore. A while back, when I would listen to any song (Strawberry Swing, Yellow, Shiver) I would sort of have this overwhelming feeling, like I was on a cloud or something(. It sounds stupid, but it's true. And the night I downloaded Mylo Xyloto....every song on that album with the exception of PoC, gave me that feeling again. Made me happy I guess. I've lost all that now. I just don't feel anything when I listen. And it mak
  14. And I know this hasn't got anything to do with the thread, but how do I post a new thread?? I know there's a button, I just can't find it.
  15. True. I'm a bit confused.....are we making fun of whichever song we choose, or is it jusy going to be a sort of cover?? Sorry :P
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