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  1. I edited the studio version so that the "light a fire" part sounds more like the live version.
  2. Yeah I think you may be right. I did this really fast so I'll probably go back and perfect it later when I have time. I took the David Letterman performance and on the "light a fire" part I did a low pass filter so only the bass frequencies could be heard and mixed it with the studio version. Then I did a high pass filter so the high hats could mostly be heard during "All the boys..." Yeah I put two copies of MX in my itunes and left one the same but the other i put that version of CB and I also added moving to mars
  3. This is a version of Charlie Brown I made. It's the same as the Mylo Xyloto version except it's more like the live version during the Light a Fire part and it has extra percussion during "All the boys..." Not perfect but to me It combines the best part of the studio version with the live version. make sure you select 720p for best audio quality [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvViK9wn-jo]Coldplay - "Charlie Brown (Light a Fire Mix) - YouTube[/ame]
  4. UFO M2M PoC I chopped off the ending of UFO that is the beginning of princess and stuck moving to mars in between those two. then at the end of moving to mars while that weird noise plays i slowly fade in the beginning of princess (the part right before the track switches from UFO to PoC.) It fits awesome there
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