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  1. I love the demo version of What The Water Gave Me, with all the electronical sounds.
  2. Thanks guys, now downloading! It'd have taken ages for me to realize it'd leaked if it wasn't for this thread.
  3. I've put it after Up In Flames in my playlist to see how well it flows :) Right, so after UIF didn't sound good, but before UIF, it's sounding good! Goes from Princess Of China's big pop sound to a darker sound, which fits in with what people have said about the storyline of the album, where PoC represents a fight between the lovers, MtM is dark enough to fit in with the aftermath of the fight, leading onto UIF where he realizes what he's done, which then goes onto the last part of the album which is the happy ending. It fits almost perfectly here, in my opinion.
  4. THIS! ^ That'd be the best thing!
  5. If we get any B-Side songs or EPs, do you think they'll fit into the concept of the album, or will they just sound similar to the MX stuff? I think it'd be pretty cool if they could be slotted into the MX tracklist and fit in, like MtM apparently fits in at the end or after Up In Flames.
  6. They should 'leak' Car Kids in its own EP on the internet, with a zip file which needs a password hidden on the Coldplay site, and when the file is opened, the song is 12 minutes of Chris Martins laughing. That'd be fun.
  7. I want this so bad, think I'm going to beg my Dad for Christmas :') The book looks so pretty!
  8. Google "Coldplay last.fm" and click the last.fm link, then scroll down to the shoutbox, it's the comment that says: MYLO XYLOTO JAPANESE ITUNES VERSION : [LINK REMOVED] GREETINGS FROM COLDPLAYING :)
  9. Is this the Japanese iTunes release? If it is, I'd like a PM too :D
  10. The 'Us Against The World' link in the PasteBin doesn't seem to be working for me?
  11. The introduction of PoC sounds a lot different on the R1 stream and the iTunes stream compared to the leak, and Rihanna's voice sounds a lot worse on the leak.
  12. They sound slightly different, but I'm not sure whether it's the quality difference.
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