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  1. Wow! It's been a loooooong long time since I visited the forum, but today I felt nostaligic...I am reading Rivers of London (brilliant, funny book), Testament of Youth and How to Be a Woman.
  2. He is looking a lot better lately!! So handsome :dazzled: Plus I love James Levy and the Blood Red Rose project and I think Hudson Hank are interesting too!
  3. I voted yes in the poll because I remember when I was a teenager I had a crush on Alejandro Sanz and I remember him moving from his house after the first album success because a lot of people had discovered where he lived ( I know that's not the same here, but his home was the place where he worked on his music ) and he was unable to concentrate on his work. So I know that they are very graceful with the people who is going there, but I am worried that this matter will end up annoying them and as a consequence their working time would be affected. Furthermore I went to London the summer of 2011 and I went to visit the John Keats museum (I love his work) that happens to be very close to the Bakery and just because I knew that the band was on tour I dared to go and pass in front of the place were they create their music, otherwise I wouldn't dared to go, but just because I am like that. But of course everyone is free to do whatever they want and think is appropriate. :)
  4. This picture is pure hotness :sneaky:
  5. Hi everybody!!! I watchd in the cinema last week and it was really amazing!!! But I have a question: do you know when are they going to anounce the winner of the contest for winning a signed copy ofthe DVD? Thanks!! And those of you who have the DVD already...enjoy it!! It's amazing :)
  6. I understand that rule. I used to work with a group os 8 people and when we had to take an important decision we tried to find the point where everyone felt comfortable. So I think that this is what they do. The important thing apart of the choice of the song is how comfortable they would be playing it. The tours are long, so imagine that someone has to do something that doesn't like it. it is like working in something you don't like...I've had that feeling and it is very annoying.
  7. I think the band would not exist if one of the members would quit. I think CM is not Coldplay without his friends... he needs them. IMHO.
  8. When he has the opportunity to speak, he does it very well and has interesting things to say too, at least is what I've seen lately.
  9. Ok I get your point :) So maybe we all can say our opinion and accep it, don't you think? :)
  10. I don't hink that an album that has reached #1 in all 35 iTunes stores is a flop...
  11. I understand that everyone have different tastes and feelings about music, but I can't understand why people say that MX is bad...maybe is not of their taste but is not bad, they are changing as a lot of us do. I like how MX sounds, for me is like pure happiness and I love that. Just my opinion.
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