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  1. How You See the World No. 2 (from the Help: A Day in the Life charity compilation) is back on streaming/download. There's also pre-orders for vinyl releases of the album at https://warchildrecords.tmstor.es/, for anyone into that kind of thing.
  2. Proof is on Spotify everywhere but in the US, where it's only available on Apple Music/iTunes. Does anyone know if Lhuna played on the SiriusXM station from last year? That would be a good sign for it showing up elsewhere at some point.
  3. Both versions of How You See the World are missing too. There's also several B-sides where "on streaming services" actually means "just on Spotify".
  4. LeftRightLeftRightLeft is popping up on Spotify and elsewhere, in timezones where it's now Friday. Looks like it's streaming-only, like the Christmas songs.
  5. I should clarify that when I say it's available losslessly, that's dependent on whether there's any stores in the country selling at that quality. With that in mind, the ones I know of in Europe are 7digitial, Juno Download and Qobuz. There's also Tidal, but that costs more and you can only buy the full release instead of individual tracks.
  6. Moving to Mars is available to purchase losslessly everywhere but the US, same with the Talk and A Sky Full of Stars B-sides and Proof. On the flip side, the Fix You B-sides are only available in the US and France.
  7. And? Although at least they fixed it being called 'Till Kingdom Come on the lyrics bit.
  8. Til Kingdom Come, actually. No apostrophe, one L. See here, here, here, here, here, here and here for releases where it's officially named. Typical CD releases of X&Y only have it listed as + on the CD tracklist, while all digital versions I've checked (except iTunes and Nokia Music) have it correctly named.
  9. There's an advert on TV where Rihanna says Capital FM is the middleman between her and her fans. Whenever I hear that, I think to myself "Isn't that a bad thing? Wouldn't it be better for her to cut out the middleman and interact directly with her fans?" Back at the start of June 2011, Coldplay were off to a good start with Mylo Xyloto. After cryptically teasing it at the end of May, they released a brand new song as a digital single, Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall. This coincided with them playing at an assortment of festivals, previewing ETIaW as well as other new songs. It was during the run
  10. There's at least 3 live albums: Live Recordings 2004, Live 06 and Live Recordings: European Tour 2008.
  11. I'm not aware of any download stores which have it in lossless format, but the compilation CDs listed here should have it. They should be cheaper and easier to find than the Christmas Lights promo releases too.
  12. X&Y (and some of the singles) uses EMI's now defunct Copy Control protection scheme. You can usually bypass it by ripping the CD with a DVD-R/RW drive. If that doesn't work, try ripping it with Exact Audio Copy instead.
  13. Seems to be just a re-release of this with a different cover. A bit lazy of them not to include Mylo Xyloto with it.
  14. Bought my copy of Live 2012 and Moving to Mars today from a digital download store of my choice that isn't iTunes. Wait, my mistake. Coldplay aren't interested in giving their fans choices. Currently, the digital version of Live 2012 is inexplicably only available from iTunes. The less said about Moving to Mars, the better. Looks like I'll have to buy something completely different instead then. In this case, I've opted for Keane's Live Recordings: European Tour 2008 and the B-side to their Sovereign Light Café single. Unfortunately, Live Recordings 2008 has vanished from several down
  15. For what it's worth, the Princess of China acoustic version and the Paradise remix aren't listed as PoC B-sides on the recordings page either. Not that I'm expecting there to be a B-side with Hurts Like Heaven anyway.
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