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  1. Exactly the same here. I spent so much money with this band that I feel it allows me to listen everything early 😂
  2. I get what you're saying, and I agree in parts, but the thing is: we just need to accept that this is a new Coldplay. At least that's what I did. The band I fell in love was the old one, from the first 3 albums. I really wanted them to follow that route, but things change and it's really unfair to ask them to be the same thing they used to be. Do I think they are making some "lazy music" since MX? I do, it's pretty generic most of the time. I think they can be better than that. But it is what it is. They embraced the Pop formula and that's fine. I know it's hard and I used to be really d
  3. Talking about POTP, It’s so funny how those sessions with Brian Eno keeps on giving! Every new project has an old song that started back then. Kaleidoscope EP had ALIENS, EL has Arabesque and now the finished The Man Who Swears on MOTS. That was definitely their creative peak!
  4. And we can also listen to the snippet of MOTS 2 more clearly. I think it’s really the same intro that leaked with My Universe. Btw MOTS 2 looks more like an “alien choir” than the snippet of the actual Alien Choir 😄
  5. So, just realized that now we know the opener and the closer of MOTS. Which means we can updated the album rankings 😄 How would you do? Mine is (for a while): Openers - Square One / Politik / MX + HLH / DP / Sunrise / AHFOD / AIMH / MOTS + HP / LIT Closers - Coloratura / ENL / EL / DAAHF / Amsterdam / O / U&U / TL / UWTB
  6. This. I definitely can’t understand how they love this new sound and hate something like X&Y, which is miles better in my opinion. I guess they really changed the way they view themselves. It’s a different band, and thats fine…
  7. Totally. It’s like the current Maroon 5, there’s nothing really organic for the band to play. It just doesn’t feel like one…
  8. I just think is so… generic. It’s not as offensive as SJLT is to me, but I think it could be so much better… I’m a bit disappointed. and BTS, honestly, doesn’t really add much to the song. I don’t want to think like that, but it seems that they just wanted the audience they have 😞
  9. Isn’t FFTF 24 already solved and has nothing to do with their music?
  10. After years asking for it, Coldplay delivering The Race as a hidden track in Coloratura would be so funny 😄
  11. Freaking 10 minutes long hahahaha I don’t know what to expect
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