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  1. Hey I guess if you really want the leftrightleftrightleft. You can type filestube.com and search leftrightleftrightleft. You will find it. This website is good to use for everything. :laugh3:

  2. Can someone help me find a download for the Leftrightleftrightleft album? All my music got erased and you cant download it from the coldplay site anymore... I looked everywhere on this site also... thanks
  3. Hey, since you work at Target, could you find out if these are just a 1 time offer or if they will be restocked? Would be really appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the picture. It looks AWESOME! I love the running man. I called my Target but they didn't say they had the t-shirt :( Gonna run down there anyway but I'm hoping for the best
  5. Speaking of horrible reviews, you guys should read this one: http://www.dailycal.org/2011/10/23/coldplay-mylo-xyloto/ According to Kanwalroop Singh (WTF?), MX is the same as every Coldplay album. "Mylo Xyloto is not that much different from the albums of Coldplay’s past and not that much better, if at all." Sounds like somebody has never heard of Coldplay.
  6. HOW?!?! Come on you saw that coming... :D
  7. I have only bought 1 CD in the past 5 years as far as I can remember. I buy everything on iTunes now. Coldplay is different though... I ordered the CD through Amazon and will be getting my copy early next week... Going to be a rough time!
  8. That shirt+CD bundle is not available in the US as far as I can tell. We are only able to buy the shirt by itself which is $25. So yes if you could post a picture of the shirt that would be great. Too bad it's online only or I would've cancelled my Amazon order and just went in to Target tomorrow.
  9. Maybe its early but does anyone know how to get a running man shirt in the US? Apparently there's a large 'limited edition' one shipped with the Target CD but it doesn't say what's on it, and they'll only ship a large (I'm a small/x-small :shocked2: ) This made me laugh really hard... not sure why!
  10. I was looking online and I saw this ... http://www.target.com/p/Coldplay-Mylo-Xyloto-Only-at-Target/-/A-13802256 It is $19 instead of the typical $10-15 and includes a limited edition large T-shirt... Does anyone know anything about this? I cannot find information on it anywhere and it's driving me crazy. I want to know what it looks like...
  11. Wow I thought it was recorded too! Great find. But I gotta say, their current promo tour just doesn't look right in the daylight
  12. I think it depends if there will be a radio edit or not. I think the first 2 minutes are beautiful but not radio friendly... Then again what do I know :dozey: But I'm predicting top 30 at least
  13. Wow this is so genius and the title made me laugh. Great!
  14. I definitely agree with this... unlike most Coldplay songs, in my opinion there is so much going on in Paradise, it's like a beautiful mess. I mean, songs like Viva are beautiful in a simple way; this song is beautiful in a much different way. The first few listens are just getting a feel for the song, but I think once you really listen to it a lot, take it piece by piece, you can really see the beauty in it. The first few times I listened I even overlooked Jonny's riff. I think the heavy/sudden bass is really distracting to all other parts of the song, in a good way (again, all in my opini
  15. I bought the song about an hour ago, 5:30am eastern time in Florida, and put it on my ipod. I had to go outside for a second, and when I did I just saw this amazing sight. The moon was so bright it was just illuminating the entire sky. No it didn't look like it was day out side, but there was this contrast of pitch darkness and the intensity of the moon that was just incredible. So I sat outside and decided to watch the moon set, with Paradise playing on my ipod. The first time I heard the chorus, I got goose bumps from the bass. It's just incredible. Looking outside over the trees (I
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