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  1. Hi :laugh3: I'm good, I'm good. Haven't been here in a while though. :confused: And you?

  2. @SprayCanSoul - I really don't mind where they're playing, to be honest. I just hope they announce something. @BelfastBoy - Slane seems fun :) Never been up there myself, but I like the idea of listening to them in the open countryside. Only if it's not raining, though D: @lovebeginswith - Well, hopefully! Slane, Aviva, o2 ... ah Jaysus, can't they just announce something? :(
  3. How are you? :nice:

  4. No, I don't. But It seems like that I have talked with you before. :laugh3: Hi. *waving*

  5. Hi, Denise :) Ah, thanks for the links! I'll keep an eye out on those threads. And yes, I did post in one of them, hoping for some promising answer, but no. :cry: Thanks for your help! :D
  6. Hi :) You probably (most definitely!!) don't remember me but ... just thought I'd say hello :D

  7. Hi all :) Unless I'm mistaken, why aren't Coldplay playing in Ireland this year? :shocked2: I mean, if they are playing in the summer in Ireland surely it'd be announced by now. No? :embarrassed: I've been searching for what seems like forever for information for the past few weeks about them playing here, but NOTHING has surfaced. I missed them at Oxegen last year and I swore that I'd see them this year. Well ... :\ Thanks in advance for any information. :) Oh - and sorry if this thread is in the wrong place. I'm a bit new here and this forum is a big place. :inquisitive: -P&P
  8. I really hope it is announced soon, or even announced at all. I'm extremely disappointed so far - that they haven't even touched on Ireland, from what I've Googled, anyway - but I hope everyday that they'll come soon or announce something. It'll be my first ever concert. I want it to be Coldplay as, as well as them being my faourite band, I want to remember my "first time" and I'm certain Coldplay can make that come true. :P Maybe we could bribe them with Christy Moore? :laugh3:
  9. It sounded class, Squibby92 - you are so lucky. :D Hopefully they'll be back in a few years so I can see them! :cool: BTW, there's about a ton of videos of them at Oxegen on Youtube now. Some are embarrassing to watch as the video taker's singing aren't the best :laugh3: But anyway, I found one with superior quality - Clocks - it is so magical. ;) [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCMqA018TWY]YouTube - ‪Coldplay rockin Oxegen 2011‬‏[/ame] :D
  10. Oh God if only I could've been there... :\ I really don't understand why RTE or TV3 give a live broadcast of the festival, or even just snippets on Monday night of the entire thing... my local Radio station does not broadcast it live - though they were up in Punchestown - but I sincerely hope I'll see them on youtube! :D I heardy Christy Moore joined them...? Anyway, hopefully we'll get to see a bit of their action :P ETA: thanks for that link, Tracie :)
  11. Btw, just call me Louise. :nice:

  12. Sounds good. I had just been eating. :) Yeah, you are posting the right place. Just ask if you need help with cping. I remember how hard I thought it was, back then when I was a new member. :nice:

  13. Oh, hello Phoebeo :) I am fine, you? I was just about to head outside as the sun is blazing here - for once - but dinner is just ready too :D -btw, am I posting this in the right place? I'm still getting used to this place, I'm finding it slightly hard to navigate but I'm doing okay :D

  14. Oh yay, I'm not the only Irish person here :P :D I wish I could be going to this year, but I'm too young so I can't. Hopefully next year, but definitely the year after. They were outstanding at Glastonbury, so hopefully they can make us Irish proud next week!! ;)
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