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  1. Are there any videos up yet from it? I slept through it and now all I see is Up&Up is amazing… Up&Up is like a new Fix You and if I'd known this would've been the case then I wouldn't have dared gone to sleep. Someone help me out!
  2. I'm in my final year of university and I'm so stressed with it and a few personal matters. I have listened to my mixtape a good bit and I like it :) Promise to have my review by Monday night for the maker, so sorry about this.
  3. It was posted on the previous exchange thread, the deadline was set up with 2 weeks notice too and the thread was always on the first page too. The only thing difference this time is that it was never made sticky and that's not Grids fault.
  4. I'm in! :D My favourite thing to do on this site!!!
  5. That's from back in June, I remember reading that. I went to see Little Matador in Cork, Ireland in the summer and I met Nathan afterwards and spoke to him for about 10 minutes. He told me they were planning on getting in the studio by the end of the year and they'll have a record out next year. He was absolutely sound, wish I wasn't drunk at the time but still, was great to meet one of my idols, like Snow Patrol are my favourite band so I was in awe at the time! Gary just did an acoustic set in Bangor last night and Nathan supported him too. Gary then said on the SP Facebook page a week or
  6. That's awesome! Has a similar sound to About Today I think. I saw them twice in the summer in Cork and Galway in Ireland and saw them last month in London for the last show of the Trouble Will Find Me tour. They're absolutely incredible live, the Galway show was easily the best concert I've ever been to!
  7. So is anyone going to host the next exchange? I'm itching for the banter to start again, I still listen to the three or four I've been involved in, I want more! :D
  8. I've always loved music! My first album given to me was (What's The Story) Morning Glory by Oasis! But in the 90's when I was a young kid until I was about 10, when I moved to Ireland, I was a proper pop boy, loved Backstreet Boys and all that stuff… Then my sister said what do you think of this song? That song being Yellow :D Although I loved Coldplay from that second on I did delve into R&B, hip hop stuff. It was a dark era… Haha. Once I got the Out Of Nothing album I've been fixed on indie and rock ever since. Inspired me, especially the song itself Out Of Nothing, was my favourite song
  9. It really is! :O But it was interesting to read. Despite loving Embrace's new album and how awesome it's been for them with the award for the Secret Festival and all that, it's sad to see how a band that got me into the music I love thanks to the Out Of Nothing album that their return wasn't made a bigger deal out of. Then Coldplay release a single and the world wets their pants with excitement. It's no disrespect to Coldplay, I love their music but I feel that Embrace deserve more recognition than they're getting. The music scene has gone to the dogs in comparison to what it was ten yea
  10. Then we need to find ourselves a host and what not :D
  11. I'm surprised too, I know I don't post much on the site or visit that often like I did in the past but thought there'd have been at least one exchange since. Is anyone up for doing it?
  12. Thanks, even though I didn't meet any of the band, like I said it was totally worth it! I was raised well haha, always was told that good manners and dedication will get me far in life, think it paid off the other day! :)
  13. That's him! Was such a lovely bloke As my mum always tells me, if you don't ask you don't get! I still can't believe that that's what they gave me too, I was just expecting maybe a picture and a sticker and badge or something like that when he said it to me but one of Will's drumsticks and a copy of GS! I had to restrain myself from not freaking out. How I stayed composed I'll never know… Haha
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