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  1. UNfortunately I have tried on all my devices, I will wait for their support team to get back to my email!
  2. Damn, it keeps redirecting me to the US Store page, where the bundle doesn't exist. If I use a UK VPN, it gets stuck in an endless refresh loop of trying to take me to the US Store. What a mess!
  3. I gotta agree that when it comes to POP Coldplay, they seem to have hit the mark with Higher Power and My Universe, I do prefer their more rock oriented stuff but with these two I feel like they finally got the hang of making pop, a bit as if they're finally being able to do what they wanted to initially do with MX and AHFOD
  4. I might be beating a dead horse here, but is anyone still not able to find/buy the "Infinity X Everything " Bundle? I cannot seem to find it ANYWHERE on the store and it's eating away at me!
  5. I think they renamed Life is Beautiful to "Humankind". Song 3, the intro sounds way too much like LiB
  6. I am so frustrated at not being able to see or purchase the infinity everything bundle but so insanely hyped at everything else
  7. I absolutely love this single within its context, 80s synth vibes, very "Dancing in the dark" by Springsteen, which HLS and Birds were also inspired by. It's definitely an amazing song, when it comes to pop Coldplay, this is definitely their peak so far, a little bit like a better produced MX song. Definitely miles above AHFOD. Then again I am biased, I am a whore for anything 80s adjacent so this song falls right in that bracket!
  8. I mean... I could bet money that Gaga doesn't even know about this and Coldplay wouldn't be mad... More like I love it when a rabid fandom gets angry at another one that couldn't care less
  9. Correct, also the use of "symbols" which MX did first might I add, as well as the "space and planet" theme
  10. In other news... Anyone wake up to see how the Gaga fans are accusing Coldplay of plagiarism? Gotta say it was nice to wake up to a good laugh! Anyone remind them MX came out way before Chromatica? lol... Also, they're under the impression Kaotica is the name of the album copying "Chromatica" when actually it seems to be one of the "spheres" from MOTS
  11. Wait... what is this you're sharing? Lol gives the impression it's the full song, are you just sharing snippets?
  12. I mean let's face it, in terms of poppy Coldplay I think Max Martin is light years ahead from how Stargate massacred AHFOD....
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