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  1. I signed up for the free month of YouTube Premium and I can say if you guys can do the same, do so! The Road yo Jordan video is AMAZING! Small docu-video showcasing their preparations for the show. I already unsubscribed from premium, so my free month ends Dec. 21 but I’ll be able to enjoy any premium content they post
  2. Here’s a 30 second snippet of Flags, all I can say is we need this song to be widely available because it has some crazy Brothers & Sisters vibes https://www.e-onkyo.com/sp/album/wnr190295320126/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  3. Guys... I've been reading these posts and replies, rankings, complaints, love for the album, I'm happy most fans are in agreement that this is one of their greats. But I'm here to ask the real questions. WHO IS TONY IN OLD FRIENDS?!? WHAT IS OLD FRIENDS ABOUT?!!? Did one of Chris' friends named Tony pass away or something?
  4. There are no interludes like we saw in MX or AHFOD other than WOTW/POTP - and even then, I would barely call it an interlude, it's a one minute recording of Chris playing a "demo" on an acoustic guitar. Every other song is complete and fully fledged, they just happen to be short. About two minutes and a half for most of them. The only completely instrumental song is Sunrise and it is completely beautiful. Much more than LiT. Also very different in style though so hard to compare. The other instrumental is Bani Adam which is only instrumental for half of it, after which it turns into a spoken word Arabic and English poem sort of song, kind of like Kaleidoscope, where it's half piano half poem, but much better realized and completed. EDIT: As mentioned by another user, it's true, there is an interlude, it's between Sunrise and Sunset after "When I Need a Friend", it's church bells to change from one half of the alum to the next.
  5. Unpopular opinion here: BrokEn is amazing. I understand the criticism though, not everyone likes gospel but as someone who loves gospel, loved Jesus is King and with Coldplay being my favourite band, a gospel Coldplay song was a dream come true. I loved it. My favourite off the album though is probably going to be Daddy, When I Need a Friend, Old Friends or Champion of the World. This album is oing to age very well, mark my words on this. This could be my favourite of Coldplay's albums after a couple more listens. If I had to rate my favourite albums right now it would go: EL VLV AROBTTH GS X&Y Parachutes MX AHFOD I am biased though because I am a sucker for cohesive albums that you listen to from front to back in one go. If you look at my ranking you can tell the albums I ranked near the top are the ones who are listened to that way the most. All in all, amazing album, the album I've been waiting for since VLV. This is an album that will only get better with time. A masterpiece. I was always hyped with new releases but nothing like this since Viva. Bravo Coldplay EDIT: The piano in Bani Adam definitely seems to have the same progression and chords as the piano in Kaleidoscope.
  6. There's voice recordings and samples in most songs, that's what they mean by snippets
  7. Anyone agree that not only is this album the spiritual sequel to VLV but that it could also be their "OK Computer"?
  8. When I Need a Friend definitely brought up some small man tears
  9. Trouble in Town is very low key, the bass work in it is amaaaaazing
  10. I am LOVING Church... it reminds me a lot of Glass of Water
  11. Holy crap. I'm only at Sunrise and I'm almost in tears. This is one hell of an instrumental traack
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