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  1. I absolutely love this single within its context, 80s synth vibes, very "Dancing in the dark" by Springsteen, which HLS and Birds were also inspired by. It's definitely an amazing song, when it comes to pop Coldplay, this is definitely their peak so far, a little bit like a better produced MX song. Definitely miles above AHFOD. Then again I am biased, I am a whore for anything 80s adjacent so this song falls right in that bracket!
  2. I was there, waited the whole time. I got bamboozled good lol
  3. I mean... I could bet money that Gaga doesn't even know about this and Coldplay wouldn't be mad... More like I love it when a rabid fandom gets angry at another one that couldn't care less
  4. Correct, also the use of "symbols" which MX did first might I add, as well as the "space and planet" theme
  5. In other news... Anyone wake up to see how the Gaga fans are accusing Coldplay of plagiarism? Gotta say it was nice to wake up to a good laugh! Anyone remind them MX came out way before Chromatica? lol... Also, they're under the impression Kaotica is the name of the album copying "Chromatica" when actually it seems to be one of the "spheres" from MOTS
  6. Wait... what is this you're sharing? Lol gives the impression it's the full song, are you just sharing snippets?
  7. I mean let's face it, in terms of poppy Coldplay I think Max Martin is light years ahead from how Stargate massacred AHFOD....
  8. Exactly, if they manage to make what they would have wanted MX to be with Ghost Stories or EL level production I'll be pleased. This is only 15 seconds but I am getting massive 80s vibes, good production so far which means now I'm not longer cautiously optimistic and just optimistic lol! 11 years after MX if they manage to make the Mecha-MX I'll cry tears of joy
  9. Does anyone also get 80s HLH on steroids? I'm getting MX vibes but like if MX was even better/what they wanted it to be
  10. YES! Thank you! I knew it wasn't real, my gut feeling but I really wanted the real song behind this fake snippet!
  11. Man now that I've heard the snippet I'm not sure if it's real but I want whatever they used to make the snippet hahaha
  12. Oh man this is going to be a banger, I really do hope it’s a lot like ETIAW
  13. Same one as they had in BrokEn on EL if I'm not mistaken
  14. Same for me, I am in Montreal, our province just announced vaccination for all as of tomorrow through May, so this is definitely gonna be a normal summer for us, I wish only but progress and good wishes to everyone else, this Coldplay era needs to be associated with the positives of coming out of this ugly time we've been in!
  15. Quite possible if the single is the album's title track and whe get a full "Higher Power" album announcement when the song is out May 7...
  16. Probably gonna be a very Orphans/ASFOS-ish song "soundtrack to the summer" screams more pop-ish, happy, Coldplay song about love, and I'm so ok with that, with the year we just had and the light at the end of the tunnel I think it's exactly the type of Coldplay song to have during what would be the first normal summer in 2 years haha (Speaking as a Canadian here lol)
  17. Such mixed messages lol - Maybe they want to pass it as a stand alone single as much as possible until the album is announced? Because usually when they release singles they pass it off the banner of the previous era, Christmas lights, SJLT, their post-album EPs, etc, they're always part of the previous era... They seem to really have started a whole new era with this one so I am sure it'll evolve into an album announcement sometime soon, as I had said, ETIAW was announced and released May-June 2011, but MX was only announced with the release and announcement of Paradise in September 2011...
  18. I think that's just the single page that will hold the lyrics and info for the single itself
  19. Those outfits are SHARP - reminiscent of MX but more of a muted version. Really excited for this single and the eventual album
  20. ALSO! I just remembered something Remember when they announced ETIAW as a single? That was around May 2011, released June 2011, they didn't announce MX until a few months later with the release of Paradise and then the album release in November 2011. This could be a similar scenario! Let's enjoy the ride of the new era everyone! Crazy that this whole ETIAW announcement and release was 10 years ago almost to the day... wow! "it's like poetry, it rhymes" lol
  21. I ordered the CD and the Tee Shirt! So excited for this new era!
  22. Some people are panicking that this is just a single, especially on the subreddit - but let's face the facts: - New outfits - New website and social media redesign - Full blown marketing campaign This is only the beginning of an album era people! Let's enjoy the ride!
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