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  1. IMO the 2 tracks "aof" and "gs" are amazing. I wish the rest of the album was more like them
  2. Salsatime

    Ghost Story

    This song is straight Rush of Blood to me. I love it so much
  3. Hey guys I won't be here for the stream : ( if one you is recording it can you pm it to me??
  4. Ya that's what I meant. Sorry for the confusion
  5. So if this thing leaks will it be posted up on this thread or will a new thread be created??
  6. Salsatime

    True Love

    We're so close I think I'll just wait to hear the songs we haven't by now. Hopefully it leaks soon!
  7. Salsatime

    True Love

    Wish I got to hear it :' (. I need the album noooow
  8. We've only heard a small portion of "O" and it's already in a lot of our top coldplay songs. Says a lot
  9. That's what I meant. We'll probably get it leaked to us "non-elites" around the times I said above lol
  10. I think we'll probably get a leak of the album around late next week or the early part of the week after next. I hope it comes soon though! I've already preordered the album but would love to listen anytime sooner haha
  11. It's one song off an entire album. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but don't act like your opinion of good music is the correct one. The beauty of music is that there all so many different kinds of it that everyone can enjoy. I personally love the more low key coldplay songs but I still really enjoy this song.
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