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  1. I am grateful for my preceptor and my experience at my final clinical placement before graduation. I had a wonderful internship with her and at the hospital I was working with, I learned so much in only about a month's time and I cannot thank her and our floor team enough for their work and teaching. Not to mention, my preceptor bought pizza on my last day to celebrate, something she absolutely did not have to do, but did anyway. It really made my day and I will never forget that.
  2. Man, I'm a broke college student, and yet this is the COOLEST thing like ... hot dang. I have no purpose for 5 Xylobands and the remote other than fangirl merch and because I can, but I have to like, get a job first. Still by far one of the coolest things with the Coldplay mark made available ... this and the MX Comic series, imo.
  3. I flipping wish. I'm in my last year, so I feel like it won't do me much good now .. and I'm honestly terrified by the world I'm about to enter thanks to Trump and all the political chaos that has been going on in the states. However, to maintain positivity and keep with the thread: I watched a bunch of Brendan Urie vines/videos today, and while that seems trivial, his stuff put me in a good mood. It's kind of nice to see musicians do goofy things and be ... well, regular, goofy people (kinda like how Coldplay did early on with "The Nappies" and "Jonny Goes Jazz").
  4. That's how my bank account looks .... (being a college kid in the states means you're hella broke :sob:) Though, while I am broke af, I still manage to do well in classes and maintain my relationships, so, I'm thankful I'm able to still figure life out and do well academically. In the words of Eric Idle: I hope you feel better soon! Go curl up with that blanket and put the kettle on for a good cuppa, nurse's orders! :P
  5. I didn't see this thread until now, and it's like a forum happiness jar! It's something I've used to help manage my anxiety in the past (I'll explain in a spoiler how that works). I would like to contribute: Today, even though I messed up and put a big assignment off, I've managed to organize two interviews with higher up nursing professionals for a class assignment that's due when I come back from my spring break on Tuesday.
  6. I KNOW. It's crazy! Strawberry Swing was actually the first Coldplay music video I remember seeing ... And Batman's right! 11 years?! Dang girl, that's one heck of a commitment to the site and fandom in general.
  7. A quick WIP that gives a rough idea for something that I'd like to do in far more detail ... also, hello, it's been a while.
  8. I've been hella busy with college ... graduating nursing school is hard. I'm sure there are other people around, just gotta check around and see who's posting in the recent threads! I'm sure you'll find someone who's still active :)
  9. Thank you!! And I'm glad my singing is okay, lol. I honestly ended up screaming my heart out more than singing, but it was worth it. Being so high up in the stadium, no one really cared. They were screaming/singing along too.
  10. Thank you!! ... I got a bit carried away after I drew that one though, not gonna lie.
  11. Also, because Bowie love ... [MEDIA=instagram]BIBNs-ZAsaz[/MEDIA]
  12. Yep. It me. And oh my GOD YES, YES IT IS!! There was so much going on and that I didn't record but holy crap, Chris was literally hanging over Jonny and just ... oh my little fangirl heart couldn't take it. Also, from 300 level seats, the Jumbotron was my savior and also very generous with showing every step Chris and Jonny made during the song. It was a hell of a show.
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