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  1. Sparks!! Going to the show tonight. Hope they play Sparks or Amsterdam again :D
  2. Definitely not a fan of this sample. I like listening to albums all the way through, but this sample is just too jarring to listen to on a regular basis. I like Coldplay for the sweet sounds and sad lyrics, but this sample throws both of these out and hits the listener over the head. Somebody made a good points about the clean version. Maybe the sample will be removed all together (and I would immediately opt to only listen to that version if it exists).
  3. After first listen, all I can say is this is the most unique we’ve heard Coldplay in years (and it’s a bit overwhelming). There are some really amazing tracks on this album. Each song is unique in its own way. Worth the wait (and not just the last couple months, but the wait the last several years)
  4. Not sure why there are so many negative reactions to Everyday Life on here, I think its a beautiful song. And its exactly what we needed after the experimental Arabesque and the modern Coldplay Orphans.
  5. Listening to Radiohead's National Anthem and then Arabesque, I can totally see the comparisons. I already like this era more than AHFOD :joy:
  6. Can we expect an Apple music release too at after the radio show?
  7. I've seen some comparisons of Arabesque to Arcade Fire and I totally agree. Anybody else getting Radiohead (OK Computer) vibes? I love it!
  8. Ok I couldn’t wait so I listened. The songs are on the subreddit it you are interested. Here’s my unfiltered thoughts...(tried to avoid comments before listening and writing this) [spoiler=My take on the songs]Orphan: This is a familiar Coldplay sound. It’s more of a “preachy” song that gives me Every Teardrop vibes. It honestly sounds like it could be one of those Olympic theme songs because it has a very worldly and upbeat sound. This is modern Coldplay but not as colorful as the AHFOD sound. Arabesque: This is definitely different and I will say right off the bat I love it. If I ha
  9. This is so exciting. I love how the November poster is just popping up around the world.
  10. Damn...we've been duped. Maybe the real LP8 was the friends we made along the way... For real though, that sucks that he was a troll. But I heard about these rumors even on Reddit and came back home (to Coldplaying) so I can't hate the guy. Coldplay will come back at some point, and we are (obviously) ready :p
  11. Looks like it’s happening, probably releasing on that November 22nd date. It definitely has the old Viva era look, which I love. X&Y is my favorite album, but AHFOD is probably my least favorite...so this will be interesting...
  12. If the Kaleidoscope EP was any indication of what’s to come, I think it will be great. ALIENS was my favorite Coldplay track since MX came out.
  13. I haven't been on here in a LONG time. But I have seen the rumors of LP8 spreading on Twitter and reddit so I decided to come back and join the discussion. Theres some discord screenshots being spread around with a track listing...I want to believe, but it could easily be a troll. That being said, when there's smoke theres (usually) fire. Hopefully its all real, I can't wait for LP8!
  14. I love it. Really chill, kind of reminds me of a modern Don't Panic or something.
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