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  1. Hi everbody as coldplay have done so much for us I think its time to give something back lets make miracles the christmas number 1 so coldplay can go in the music history books
  2. Hi Iam from norwich too

  3. tour dates if this is true i have been looking at venues in london that are available in london the o2 is booked for the 9th the excel is booked for the 9th earls court is booked for the 9th but this is nothing booked in for wembley arena for the 9th so it could be there. if anyone has any other ideas where this could happen let me know
  4. Chris said at the emerites that they will not play London again for a few year but I live in hope that they will do UK dates again next year as there were very few this year
  5. Ha ha its as good as the one saying Chris and gwyneath to divorce
  6. I've tweeted oracle and Coldplay.com also gwyneth and Jason to see if this is true
  7. booking hotel to see coldplay london hi i have just booked my hotel to see coldplay 1st june at a great price just wanted to share this with you thistle barbican hotel has a offer on at the moment in there winter sale and you can book hotels at 1/2 price i have got a room for 2 people for £81 instead of £162it is a 3 star hotel with gym facilitys and a swimming pool which you can use but i dont think i will have the time for excercise as will get plenty at the gig hope this help you. this offer is on at all thistle hotels and if your go to http://www.thirtle.co.uk/wintersa
  8. i think this has been hyped up i think that the topless models will be myloed up with body pain
  9. just had a tweet from jay ( the person who invented the glowband and was on set with coldplay at the video and is on tour with them) THE VIDEO WILL BE OUT IN THE NEW YEAR!
  10. the ck on wills shoulder is the symbol for oxfam
  11. right i am now going to have a go at all the people who said that coldplay were not good last night. ok chris did hit a few bum notes but what do you expect from a live performance from someone who has done 4 two hr shows and then the x factor in a week. plus they did sing live if they had been mimming then people would have complained they cant win. I THINK COLDPLAY SHOULD HAVE WON THE X FACTOR BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!
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