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  1. even though i got my ticket through a third party, it wasn't fake--thankfully! i feel so badly for all of you that were taken advantage of! What a disappointment it must have been to find out they were fake. I wish there was some way for all of you to get your money back. It's horrible that there are people out there without honor and integrity :(
  2. That's so sad about the death of one of the Beastie Boys. i still remember how much of a stir "You gotta fight (for your right)" caused back in the 80's (when i was a teenager). Here's me wishing i could have been there to hear Coldplay's cover/tribute.
  3. that confetti is SOOOO much FUN!!!!!!! I loved feeling it and seeing it rain down on me in Seattle!!! Wish i could be at the HB tonight! Coldplay's concerts are wicked!!!
  4. Mrman78, great pics! you must not have been too far away from me at the concert. i was the last chair, row 4 on the floor next to a lot of open space and then the seats climbing walls were there. were you in one of those side seats?
  5. HB Pics of Guy? these are all great pics everyone's been taking at the HB concerts, but has anyone taken any pics of Guy? He's my favorite and i'd love to see pics of him playing. i was at the Seattle concert but didn't get tickets for his side of the stage so didn't get any great shots of him.
  6. KeyArena-Awesome! I was at the concert last night. Tho I was put out that I didn't get the side I wanted, it was worth the extra money to BD on the floor, row 4. All that confetti was brilliant!! The songs were excellent and I was so glad they played Lovers In Japan-one of my favorite! I personally enjoyed Princess of China. No different then when they've performed Lost! With just Jay-Z on a TV screen. Major Minus was excellent as always, In My Place- spectacular, Fix You- lovely, Yellow- wicked, God Put a Smile on Your Face--high voltage!, Violet Hill- just as good or better than the
  7. My fave today! Crests of Waves. think i've listened to it close to 30 times today... otherwise...Major Minus (Glastonbury live)!
  8. I am.. re-introducing myself. Hello...Everyone! I'm Melissa--and still fairly new to this website. i don't usually do things like this but i have a blog at Wordpress called Mellynnwrites and have started blogging on topics such as Coldplay (for one), tattoos (and people's reactions to them), my novel and future ideas for the second and third ones, short stories, travel, and TV and movies. At this point i am very curious about people's reaction to tattoos (the blog is titled "Something disturbing...." and as i'm from the US and have traveled but only to limited countries, i am i
  9. oh, they switched sometimes? that'd be awesome :) and row 4 on the floor is definitely close (close enough to catch the paper butterflies--or whatever they are--i hope)! i hope they're still doing the wristbands in April too :D thanks, MrMan78, for giving me the bright side of things :cool:
  10. Please Help! ok, so i got my ticket and it's authentic, as far as i can tell, purchased through TicketMaster by a broker during the pre-sale and then sent to me. the problem is, i specifically paid for a ticket on the AA side of the stage (yes, to be close to my favorite band member) and in one of the first few rows. i got row 4 (that's pretty close) but on the BB side of the stage! i am livid! i called the broker, PRESTIGE ENTERTAINMENT, but they said in their terms and conditions they can supply a ticket comparable to the one purchased (or upgrade it). Does anyone actually think that
  11. How do I inform people....? hello the team of Coldplaying. How do i let people know NOT to go through a certain company to get tickets? i was indeed scammed (to a degree) by a secondary company and i am livid about it. i am a first time concert goer and had no idea, initially, that i was going through a secondary buyer (i thought it was the arena themselves but apparently they go through TicketMaster.com). Please don't roll your eyes, i like to think that people are trustworthy and being that it's my first concert ever, i wanted to make it a good one and so paid a large sum to make sure
  12. assuming i didn't get scammed (as one person pointed out might have happened), my ticket is on its way via FedEx, purchased it on the 10th (two days before AMEX presale: somehow i just don't think that's fair to do a presale for people with AMEX cards and leave the rest of us with the seats farther back and not as good which is why i purchased my ticket two days early--not realizing it was a secondary seller) and it's between rows 1-10 on the floor, AA side. i have to be on Guy's side or i just won't go... **just re-read your question and i didn't get mine VIA the presale but rather BEFORE
  13. i absolutely LOVE this song! Major Minus is my favorite from the MX album but i have to say i love it best when it was performed live at Glastonbury! Guy really gets his groove on during the euphoric/hypnotic part just before Jonny's guitar solo. i can't watch Guy play that part enough lol! this song reminds me of jimi hendrix. after i heard Major Minus and realized who it reminded me of, i downloaded JH's "All Along the Watchtower". i hope their live performance is as good when they visit Seattle!! :wink3:
  14. and old enough to have an 8 year old daughter who said, "that guy looks like Dad," when she saw a picture of Guy i was looking at lol!
  15. older, it seems, than most who have replied to this thread :o
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