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  1. I was there last night! Hilariously, it looks like Tash got a photo from Twitter on the previous page of the thread, so I won't bother posting it again. (iPhone photos from the upper deck don't add that much anyway, right?) Man, what an incredible show. This was my 7th time seeing Coldplay, and it easily was the best. The setlist was generally spot on (I don't love Major Minus...and I think it could use more Parachutes and X&Y) and the visuals were just astounding. As everyone has said, seeing the Xylobands on film do nothing compared to actually seeing them in person. I'm pretty convinced that Charlie Brown with Xylobands is the single greatest live performance moment I've ever seen.
  2. No one on Twitter (that I can tell) has posted about winning tickets yet either. So there might still be hope?!
  3. Still waiting here. I'm not holding my breath, though...
  4. I was just thinking about this today. It NEEDS to be Christmas Lights. Please, Coldplay, please!
  5. Based on last night, I'd imagine he'd be on about 4 and a half hours into it. So roughly 6:30 or 6:45? Maybe a little after, assuming the sets go the same way.
  6. "I left my heart in San Fr--" Basically he was going to say, "I left my heart in San Francisco." But I felt like he realized he was in Mountain View and thought better of it or something. Who knows with Chris? :laugh4:
  7. Also, all last night, I held out this hope that Chris would just decide to break out "Help Is Around the Corner." Come on, a solo acoustic set? IT'S PERFECT. One of Coldplay's lost B-side gems.
  8. I was there tonight! Just got back not too long ago, actually. That setlist looks just about right. I was hoping he'd play for longer. He did some instrumental piece before Clocks, but I'm not quite sure what it was. It had tinges of Amazing Grace to it, but it was excellent. I might be a little biased, but I think Chris was easily the best of the evening. He really filled the whole space with just him and his piano and Davide Rossi backing him up was just incredible--especially on Viva la Vida. He was one of the few performers who I think really took the acoustic bit to heart and it showed. Chris was his usual funny self, making fun of his own striped hat and saying he was dressed like a hobo. His microphone fell off the stand during the second chorus of VLV and he looked slightly terrified. The Springsteen cover was unbelievable (if extraordinarily obscure) and I am absolutely psyched to have gotten to hear Lost? live. Earth Angel was just ridiculous though, really brought the house down. A kind of surreal moment to have Chris Martin lead this acoustic singalong of Earth Angel. In terms of the other performers tonight, Jimmy Buffett and Fleet Foxes were some of the other highlights. Monsters of Folk and Sheryl Crow were both quite good as well. No Doubt was underwhelming, but Gwen Stefani looked INCREDIBLE. Not a Wolfmother fan, but they were alright as well. Neil Young is just on another planet musically. Hugely enjoyable. I was psyched to see him.
  9. I would happily Twitpic tonight for you guys, but I'm on the lawn. So if you appreciate tiny pixels of Chris Martin, then I'm happy to oblige. But I think you're just better off to wait until after!
  10. Anyone going tomorrow have any idea of set times for the show? I don't think I'm going to make it there right at 5, but probably soon after. (Like, 5:45ish.) But I doubt that they'd put anyone good on that early--for example, Sir Chris Martin. Hopefully I get there and Gavin Rossdale and Wolfmother are out of the way and it's just good tuneage straight on through.
  11. I did a quick search and didn't see this posted, so I thought I'd share it with all of you. Thank God I go to college in the Bay Area because I am MOST CERTAINLY there. http://www.jambase.com/Articles/19657/Bridge-School-Neil-Young-Monsters-of-Folk-No-Doubt-FF "The Bridge School Benefit is an annual non-profit charity concert held in Mountain View, California every October at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. The concerts are all organized by musician Neil Young and his wife, Pegi. Proceeds benefit The Bridge School. The first concert was in October 1986, and, with the exception of 1987, the concert has been held every year since. As a practice, but not a rule, the performers use acoustic instruments. Young also personally performs every year. Set to run Saturday, October 24 and Sunday, October 25, a video was recently posted on the Bridge School's website featuring an artist announcement (see below). In addition to Neil Young, the following artists will perform both nights: Monsters of Folk, No Doubt, Fleet Foxes, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Sheryl Crow, Gavin Rossdale and Wolfmother. Jimmy Buffett will perform on October 24 and Adam Sandler will perform on October 25. Tickets for the 23rd Annual Bridge School Benefit Concerts are on sale Sunday, September 20 at 10 a.m. at Livenation.com or charge by phone at (877) 598-6659."
  12. Did anyone get the full leak? I have bits and pieces of the songs, but the torrent they first leaked through is all but dead. One seeder and it's not going so well. I'll keep looking. Thank you, Twitter!
  13. And there's a prime example why Safari/Firefox/Chrome/anythingBUTinternetexplorer is a great choice! :laugh4:
  14. I just got home from all the excitement yesterday and am now catching up on my Coldplaying, and you and I were definitely at the same hotel. I wish I knew! My investigative snooping found out that the three buses belonged to Marilyn Manson's opening band, though. A far cry from Coldplay, sadly... But for the show, I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said. An awesome time and well worth the 5 hour drive from Pennsylvania. They were amazing (as usual) and my seats were fantastic at about 15 rows back in Section 3. If only the B-stage was on OUR side, then it would have been incredible. OH, and Billie Jean was everything I hoped it would be!
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