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  2. happy birthday! :nice:

  3. :surprised: are you actually online? :bigcry:

  4. This time you were the fast one :surprised: why do you want to graduate already?

  5. Haha, noooo! :P Look, here I am :wacky: I have one more year, I graduate next year. :( I wish it was this year! I'm very jealous of you. ;)

  6. SO I guess I'll have to wait another month to get an aswer? :thinking: :lol: Thanks! :D Have you graduated yet, or until next year?

  7. I'm doing good, busy with college and now extra busy with work! :P Nice to see you here :hug:

  8. This is like 3 weeks later :uhoh: ... sorry! :bigcry: :disappointed: I am still very very busy, but hopefully by summer (in one month) I will have lots of time to come back here. :) And oh! You graduate in a month? That's great :D Congratulations :hug:

  9. I'm alright- how are you?? :D Long time no talk! :hug:

  10. Well, this is practically 3 weeks late, but I'm alright. It's been a crazy... few months, actually! I'm doing okay, though. And I won't bore you with the details either. :P How are you?? How's the music coming along??

  11. Hey Emma how are you? :nice:

  12. Emma! I thought you were gone again for about 2 months :uhoh: :disappointed: Yeah I've been a little bit busy as well, but have been more active here, well only during holy week vacations. But now I graduate in a month and then it's parties, trips, etc. I miss talking to you too.

  13. Nathan, Julie, Noonsun, and a million others / Complaining about Ian's "Nazi rule" / A few weeks ago / In the lounge / Because we were bored Ah well I wish I could have told you great but :( It's been a bit of a week from hell! I won't bore you with the details, but surely things will start to look up! How about you? I hope you are better than I. :wink:

  14. Hello Ricardo! :wacky: I'm good, I'm just so so busy. :bigcry: I miss talking to you! How are you?!

  15. The forum almost closed?! Who what when where why?!? And thank you, then. :wacky: How are you, by the way? :D

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