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  1. I think masturbation is a normal think and it's just dumb to say, that it could poison your mind. Rather touching yourself when you're 13 than touching other people when you are obviously too young.
  2. Ich wäre auch gerne auf ein Stadiontour-Konzert gegangen, aber das einzige mögliche war Köln von der Entfernung und an dem Tag kann ich leider nicht. Sei's drum, bei der nächsten Tour bin ich wieder dabei und 2011 hatte ich ja sogar zwei mal Coldplay. @Sue: Beim Frank Turner war ich auch, in der Unionhalle Frankfurt allerdings. War ein tolles Konzert und die neuen Songs machen ziemlich Laune auf mehr. Außerdem war ich dieses Jahr noch bei Antiflag. Am Dienstag gehts zu Bombay Bicycle Club und dann steht Rock am Ring an (wie jedes Jahr). Danach dann noch Wolfmother im Juli und Greenday im Au
  3. Tickets for Frank Turner and Wolfmother this year. Plus the Coldplay-Wristband from the tour just started blinking. defuq? :shocked2: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=1fecdf&s=5 http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=6nwg12&s=5 srlsy, wtf
  4. It's grey and rainy. Perfect weather to stay at home and do nothing.
  5. Done with my first homework in history. It's about Aristotle.
  6. Most heard band of the last year: Coldplay. But the number of songs is awesome. Coldplay is so 1337 (this was not intended).
  7. Right after Coldplay in Frankfurt. My best friend wrote that on my hand, cause it's her favourite song :).
  8. YOu don't know how long it actually took to write that post :D
  9. Christmas presents. If the commercial is not lying I smell like Jared Leto now. And I own new books and CD's.
  10. Two more hours in university tomorrow and after that: holidaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
  11. Ah, wie schön, es gibt sogar deutsche Fans hier, da muss ich mich nicht für mein mieserables Englisch schämen :D.
  12. I have been there too and I have to say it was good, but the crowd was nothing compared to the people on Rock am Ring. It was not the bands fault, cause they did a great job, but some people around me (I was stand in the third or fifth row in front of the stage) didn't even know the lyrics of the older songs. Maybe it was because of the atmosphere and the rain on Rock am Ring, but I guess nothing can be better than that. Btw. Does anyone know how this wristband works? I want it to blink, but there is no button to start it.
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