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  1. Hello Angela dear!! Just wanted to drop by and hello and see how you were doing! Hope all is well with you! I love my Coldplayer family <3 Everybody is so sweet on here it warms my heart! Take care hun!

  2. ANGELA dear.. I saw you were posting on the threads... are you finally back? I missed you! :D It's great to hear from you again :)

  3. They have switched over to playing '90s/'00s music at where I work in recent months, and I've heard at least 3 or 4 Coldplay songs some days. I heard one yesterday, as a matter of fact. It definitely makes the day much better :nod:. I know what you mean. Best to just watch the video and never scroll down unless you want to leave a comment.
  4. I am more than fine with seeing that, Tracie. Yep. :laugh3: Also, young Buckin...:heart:.
  5. :hug: Join the club. All that buildup and counting the days and waiting for what felt like FOREVER...and then it's all over and done like that *Snaps fingers*. All I can say to cheer you up is that I'm beyond thankful we live in the age of YouTube, and can go watch video from the night.
  6. Oooh, jealous of all of you who are meeting up! Sounds like a blast, though, hope you all have a great time. :laugh3: Cute! He really does look sad in the "gummybears" one. Awwww, Chris... (Welcome back, by the way) Also, to Alba, first off, happy belated birthday... ...and second, HOLY SHIT WHAT A PICSPAM! Mother of God, are you trying to kill us? *Mops up large puddle of drool* I liked the ones where he was wearing red :D.
  7. Yeah, I believe the "Ellen" show is a repeat. But who cares, I'll still watch it anyway! Gorgeous. Also, I kind of want his striped hoodie jacket thing he's wearing. *Jaw drops* Oh, hel-:censored:-LO...*Drools* Damn. (Congrats on the posts, too, by the way :)) Also, the gifs are cute as all get out.
  8. That clip makes me happy on so many levels. Two guys I love singing together? Perfect. "The Hardest Part" is my pick. I've been playing the heck out of this one the last few days. Such a great song.
  9. Aw, they agreed to do the paralympics? That's cool. Yeah, sounds like a lot of people have complaints about the way the regular Olympics were done. I didn't watch them save for the closing ceremonies, and even then I didn't get to see the band I was interested in (Muse), but it sounds like you guys aren't alone in your thoughts. TecHniCoLoR_MX, ha, same here. Anytime I see that movie now I'll be thinking of the band. I was thinking about that earlier, too. I was making a list of Coldplay songs to put on a CD for one of my friends, and while I was going through and putting down little notes about what songs I particularly liked, I kept making comments about that very thing. They really know how to brighten your day and make you feel better. I've often compared their music to a nice cozy blanket or a comforting hug or something along that line :).
  10. Hooray! That's wonderful news! Hahaha, indeed. He was like a little kid, running around in all of that stuff. I agree with you on the picture of Chris you quoted, by the way. Viva era look *Drools*. *Nods head furiously* Uh-huh. Exactly. I, um, thoroughly enjoyed looking at him doing that during the show, along with his infamous "bend backwards on the piano stool" thing. :shifty:
  11. I love the idea of a listening party or something along that line. I'd be up for that. Love this album. I was in high school when it came out, and I remember hearing "In My Place", "Clocks", and "The Scientist" all the time on the radio. I'd liked "Yellow" and "Trouble" from the first album, but when I heard those three songs from their second, that's when I started to sit up and take more notice of these guys. It would take a few more years before I became a "proper" fan, so to speak, but those songs definitely made me think, "Okay, yeah, I like these guys a lot." "The Scientist" remains my favorite Coldplay song to this day. It's just so beautiful and I love the lyrics-I remember being on a teen message board for a time and the lyric I quote in my signature here I also quoted in my signature on that board. I remember really liking the video when it was on TV, too. "In My Place" is another all-time favorite. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jonny's guitar in particular makes that song. It feels so peaceful and calming. And I'll never tire of "Clocks". That's the one I heard the most on the radio, but even at the height of its radio airplay I was always happy to hear it. I'm a real sucker for piano-heavy songs, and "Clocks" certainly fits that bill for me. I love how driving the music is, how I can actually picture a clock ticking and winding down as the song plays. Hell, the whole first half of that album is no slouch musically in particular. "Politik" is a fantastic, dramatic opener, and it just gets better from there. And on the other end, "Amsterdam" is so haunting and eerie and gorgeous and a perfect way to close out the album altogether. I can't believe it's been 10 years already since this album came out. Wow. I'm glad this album was as successful as it was and brought them the attention they deserve. And it's been really fun to see them progress from there on out.
  12. I fully approve of the pictures from Friday. Good god, Chris is hot. And adorable. And lovely. I fell in love with the guy all over again at the concert :heart:. *Realizes she's stating the obvious :p* For the time being, I think I'll just leave this clip here, 'cause the ending, um, yeah... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b-xndAMnRw]Coldplay (1080 HD) Viva La Vida - St. Paul 2012-08-10 - Xcel Energy Center - Mylo Xyloto Tour - YouTube[/ame] In short, I'm really happy right now :D.
  13. Finally able to get in and post now... WOW, fantastic pictures, everybody, thank you so much for sharing them! A friend of mine got some pictures at the show, too, that she's been working on uploading to Facebook. I'll try and get the best ones posted here at some point this week. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh, my god, Friday night was such a blast! The guys sounded so, SO good. I absolutely loved being able to see all the stuff with the wristbands in action, and the confetti was a lovely touch, as were the bouncy balls. I love the way they tied that stuff to the songs and didn't let the flash overwhelm the music. "Violet Hill" was probably my favorite performance of the night-the band kicked serious ass on that one, along with "God Put A Smile...". And "The Scientist" was lovely, "In My Place", "Viva La Vida"...just wonderful. And "Princess of China" worked really well, too, I like what they did with that one. And I'm officially envious of the people in the audience that they got to hang out by when they were doing "Us Against The World". It was so nice to see the guys having such fun. They clearly love what they do, and it showed. They really know how to energize a crowd. They were funny, charming, and I know bands say their fans are great all the time, but I don't doubt these guys sincerely mean it. Liked the opening acts, too, particularly Marina and the Diamonds-Marina was quite chatty with the crowd, which I liked, and she's got a good stage presence (plus, I liked her dress :D). eltimbomofo, thank you so much for uploading videos from that night, very much appreciated. And ColdplayGirl, oooooh, cool story! I'm so envious! Lucky you :). Yep. Great night. Would gladly do it all over again if I could.
  14. I heard Coldplay at work tonight. Lately the mall's been having '90s and '00s music playing instead of their usual oldies music, and tonight I heard "Charlie Brown"! Quite a happy surprise! And the other night I heard "Speed of Sound". I love oldies music, but this '90s/'00s station works fine for me if that's the sort of thing they'll play.
  15. Oooh. I like this one. He looks HOT in that video, no question. (Sidenote: Ummmmmm, yeah, hi, everyone! Sorry I've been away for so long-it's been a hectic, busy last few months. The last couple times I've said I'd be back on a regular basis to people (hi, Row), with the hopes that my work schedule would quiet down, it winds up getting busy again. But I'm definitely going to at least try and work on being more regular in my visits here again. Work just got crazy and I haven't had much free time the last few months-retail'll do that to you (and hey, I need that money for the concert next month, not to mention other day to day things). I really hope things do start calming down a bit soon, because I have missed this place. A lot. Plus, I could seriously use the downtime. But anywho, babble over-just popping in to say hello!)
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