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  1. No.1 in over 100 countries. Wow! That's just awesome.
  2. blueberry426

    Ghost Story

    Love the sound. Hope they write more songs like this in the future.
  3. The three bonus tracks should be in the CD, not digital download. My CD from Target has shipped today. Hopefully, I will get it by Friday.
  4. I ordered one from Target.com but it hasn't been shipped. Where did you hear Target started shipping the CD?
  5. Still #1 in the US today. Haven't heard the local radio station play it yet.
  6. The award show is very distasteful except Chris part. I'm glad that Chris segment was pre-recorded. I don't want to see him in the show with the like of pitbull. UGH
  7. I love this song so much! Once the album is out, I'm going to have it on repeat. The intro, the lyric, and the longing feeling are just so perfect. When I watch their performance at SXSW, the song gave me such a strong feeling. It is indeed the perfect opener for the GS era.
  8. Same though here. I think GS will be loved by both their fans and the critics. But I don't think GS can sell more than Viva. Viva la vida is massive.
  9. blueberry426


    I totally agree with you. I love their old and new songs. This song reminds me of the Coldplay I fell in love with over 10 years ago. A lot of the songs in MX were heavily produced. This song sounds refreshing to my ears. Chris voice is just beautiful!
  10. The last sentence also said the video is unlike regular music video.
  11. Here's the translation: The music video is like a movie. They're resourceful and had a high budget for the video. A longer version with color will come out soon!
  12. I like the video. It's much better than I expected. I was quite surprised to see ZiYi in this video. She is very famous in China. Maybe it will help spread this beautiful Coldplay song to China. Just a thought!
  13. Yes, I listen to their songs everyday. In the morning when I drive, their songs put me in a better mood. Chris voice has this calming effect on me somehow. It has been like that for years and never get tired of it. I am a big music fan. I do listen to other bands but Coldplay has always been my no.1 favorite band.
  14. blueberry426

    True Love

    That is heartbreaking. GS is going to be dark & beautiful.
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