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  1. It was great, I loved it! Hopefully people have put their footage on YouTube
  2. Haha they played all 3 of these songs at the show on Saturday! Oh cool ☺️
  3. Oh cool, how was the show? I never get a standing ticket for shows as I'm short and if I couldn't see Coldplay in the flesh because I'm so short, I'd probably cry. Did Snow Patrol play Run, or Chasing Cars? Also, how did you occupy your time while in the queue?
  4. Hi! Yes I'm seeing them this Saturday 2nd February at Wembley Arena. Doors are 6pm for my show so I'm thinking of getting there for 5pm. How about you? I have a ticket for a seat by the way. I'm guessing you have a standing ticket as you're saying you want to get to the front?
  5. Oh it was beautiful, even from at the back where I was. It's hard to think that's it's been 3 years
  6. Hi, I was scrolling through the TV guide just now and found that "Coldplay: Austin City Limits" is being shown on Sky Two tomorrow in the UK! Woohooo, nice Christmas present lol
  7. It's nearly timeeeeeeee❣️ I've got my lollipop reddy haha, it's STRAWBERRY and cream flavour xxxx
  8. I accidently booked a seat one away from the end of a row as it seemed all others had sold out. Maybe I'll try to get a better seat on the day as at the moment it seems most seats are vacant. Maybe it'll be different on show day x
  9. I've been away for quite a while! I got so busy with life and work :tired_face: but I'm back now, so hello again fellow Coldplayers! :heart_eyes: I just bought a ticket for this (I'm from the UK by the way) Oh, and I bought it from the cinema's website. I guess there was no reason for me to sign up to the Coldplay.film site. Oh well xxxx
  10. Me Before You x Sent from my GT-I9195 using Coldplaying mobile app
  11. This made me think of the boys: https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.standard.co.uk%2Fnews%2Fuk%2Fyellow-pages-to-publish-final-copy-after-more-than-50-years-a3624791.html&h=ATMz18hHqzkBZO6sW253jzkml6RuGgXFytqv-uOBEqGxKDpFiPL0B2BRSp3tTFbSoGff6pXN0Vibb644uASb-u1dnIoKU5p9jWoRk56j17WZ3130MkNMMu2RRikkb-8nHRUVaYUZ&enc=AZOJXMboNt7WSnkNWYxB5QdsKcHO53MKK4cKaMcucuSEGo2n5CxnaJvjlBdr6rz6Gw2rtBU7wh-XFRvv_7UYHuYafaiYuuUPm_rG-VvUS4o3X7DuJjbijg5eAH94jlwkdoSYbdoHAkMHB77H5iFoAU1K_UUL3Zd6PwyATv3w3vmXtO-XxNXlp9MK51GsUbmOh4JHZEHuetx7u4nE09-FKvEgDLAmg5oh5YRq6tJOlofBYP_PHvRXwxGfWaSEtFeHd-sOs
  12. I'm watching a film called I Give It a Year, and a song came on which is a female covering Sparks by the boys x Sent from my GT-I9195 using Coldplaying mobile app
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