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  1. I want to thank Anggita for the card she sent me. I received it in the mail a few days ago. I just wanted to say that I absolutely loved it and I'm really happy and feel really honored that you were my secret santa. Your card made my whole week. I love simple things like that. And thank you for the key chain too. The only key chains I carry around with me are ones that were gifts or have some kind of special meaning to it. And this is one of those keychains, so I will be carrying it around with me always. I will treasure it. I also loved your kind message, you sound like a lovely and wonde
  2. Hello to all of the lovely Coldplay fans, I wanted to ask if any of you knew what book it was that inspired Viva La Vida? I saw some one post it on here on another thread about a year ago and I was wondering what it was called again.. and if did inspire it were did you see it that the book inspired the song? Was it in a interview or written article? I hope some one can answer my question, if not, thank you for reading! <3
  3. You have been on my mind a lot lately. I miss talking to you. its a long of why i haven't been on here much but i do miss everyone, especially you. I wanted to send you a gift for Christmas but now dont have the money to. I just need a whole new start in my life. like i said its a long story.. but i hope to hear from you. i would love to know how your doing!

  4. Hey ladies is my Sharon from Virginia still around?? :)
  5. Hello to the most beautiful Coldplay fans in the world! <3 I'm back
  6. Hello all of you beautiful people, I have been absent for a while but I never ever forgot about you lovely people. I have missed talking to a lot of you. I cannot believe its been one year since I joined this amazing community. You all are such extraordinary people and it has been a pleasure to talk to every one of you. I will always firmly and strongly believe that Coldplay brings out the good and the art in people.. that's what I have seen on here and nothing less than that. I've been so overwhelmed by the love and kindness. It really, truly does amaze me so much to see such loving
  7. Hello to my favorite and beautiful Coldplay ladies!
  8. Hello there.. its okay I will still mail it to you. The asking price was $15.. you can just pay me through PayPal at [email protected] and I will send the patch through the United States postal service as soon as you give me your address. Thank you again! =) =)

  9. That's great but I live out here in the U.S (I don't know if you live within the states) if your able to ship it ill gladly give you the address and pay for it

  10. Hello there darling.. I got your message, your so sweet. Yes, I still have the MX patch if you want it, its all yours. =)

  11. Hey technicolor_color My name is kenjiast and I'm kinda new to coldplaying I was wondering if you still had that coldplay jacket patch I'm trying to construct a look a like jacket Chris wears and if you know where I can obtain a similar jacket, that would be much appreciated

  12. Selling lot of Viva La Vida era cd singles Hello there again beautiful Coldplayers.. :D I'm selling my Viva La Vida era cd singles.. its really hard to let these go but its okay. I'm only shipping in the United States.. sorry to anyone else. :) Please private message me if your interested. I wanted to have this up a week ago but I kept having trouble uploading the pictures. Most of the money from this is going to my friend Caleb. He's currently attending the Honor Academy in Texas and its a self-pay school and also expensive. There is no way I'm going to let money be the reason why he ca
  13. So, I guess we won't see a mixtape review right?

  14. Good morning and afternoon to the most beautiful and great Coldplay fans all around the world!! =D And welcome to the thread Helen dear.. you will love talking to everyone on here, their amazing and so sweet. Ladies.. I'm in need of a small fix today.. I still love Coldplay so very much but lately I feel like I've lost my touch.. I need to be reminded again of why I love them so much. You ladies are all so good at that.. I want my fire for Coldplay to come back. :D So how can we fix that? :)
  15. I'm on here for one reason today... to say.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRAN <3 Hope you had such a great birthday honey!!!!!!!!!!! :D p.s... I miss Ellen, Row, Sharon, Celine, Tracey, Mara and everybody else <3 I love you ladies, I promise to be back on soon, been very busy lately. I'm going to need a reminder of why I love Coldplay so much..
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