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  1. Two different friends know how obsessed I am and both bought me tickets! Love them to pieces and now have to decide which ones to use
  2. man i just love starting my homework at 8:00 and getting to sleep at 2:00 AM
  3. Happy birthday to Chris!!!! :D :) :D :) :D :) That video was so fun to watch! I wish I had found this thread last year!
  4. I just watched the Amazing Spider-Man movie and the part where Til Kingdom Come came on, I started belting with it. Everyone in the room then thinks I'm insane. But I know otherwise. :sneaky:
  5. Finals time again... I. Want. To. Die.
  6. Christmas is just around the corner!!
  7. Does anybody beside me think it's very weird that Joseph Morgan (Born Joseph Martin) from the American TV show Vampire Diaries looks like he could be Chris' brother?
  8. I just found out that "Mylo" (μήλο) is Greek for "Apple"... like Chris's daughter...
  9. This is such a cool thread idea. at my school i painted chalkboard paint onto spare wood and left chalk out so that all the people could write what they are thankful for. It was so kind and touched my heart dearly. This thread has somewhat of the same effect. I am thankful for my friends, family, sport team, twin sister, coldplay, and my school.
  10. Thank you so much for leaving that sweet message :) I really try to come on the site a lot these days but as schoolwork becomes heavier, I fear it will be too hard to come on so often.

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