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  1. hey i'm curious where is your paradise? mine is in my headphones! XD

  2. It's really hot here too!! But I like hot weather.so it's not much of a problem for me :P You should take some whenever you have the chance :wacko: The Avengers looks like a cool movie, I haven't seen it either Oh i'll check them out then :) They loved it here! They left today but luckily my friends are here so I don't feel lonely :P That's awesomee!!! :D congratulations! I haven't seen much of the olympics to be honest, I was kinda busy, but i'll try to watch it these last few days :)

  3. Yes, but it's incredibly hot here! What's it like there in the U.S? That sounds like fun I've wanted to take piano lessons too but i never got to it There's so many things I want to try! xD I haven't seen the Avengers and I really want to see that one I think they played for a short while so you haven't missed much but I think you should check them out they're nice :) Yeah I love it most :D Oh that's so nice! I know you were looking forward to it Do they like it there? I'm sure you'll have a great time when your friends come too :) Are you watching the Olympics? A gymnast from my country won gold today :D

  4. You're welcome :nice: it's okay :) Aw that's great, it seems like you're really enjoying your holidays :wacko: yeah, i'm taking some piano lessons, it's fun :P I haven't seen that movie yet, but i'll see it someday! That's awesome!!! I arrived kind of late to the Coldplay's concert, just when Wolf Gang finished playing so I haven't heard them :confused: The seaside sounds nice :wacko: my family is here so i'm taking them to visit some places and stuff, in a couple of days some friends are coming too so the next few weeks will be fun :P

  5. Aww thank you :) I'm sorry too I haven't been on either... Yes I'm still on summer holiday until September 10th You are going to college now right? I've been going out with friends and watching the Olympics I went to see the Amazing Spider-Man and I thought it was brilliant! Have you seen it? I'm going to a two days concert in a week It's kinda a indie concert I guess and Wolf Gang will be there too :D What did you think about them? I'm going on holiday after it with some friends and then I want to go to the seaside. What have you been up to?

  6. That sounds nice! I think is a must-see city if you're in the U.S.

  7. I'm sure you'll do fine! :nice: Sorry for not answering in days! It is :confused: It's really sad when people that are really talented die, it's not fair. what have you been up to? you're on summer holidays right? :wacko:

  8. San Francisco is my favorite I think. It's got everything. You're in China town and you walk one block in your in little Italy, another block and your at the seaport. I love just the general feel of that city and, though it's rather cold, I really like the weather there. Also lots of good music:)

  9. That's awesome! And which city do you like the most? If I'll ever go to U.S I want to visit NY LA and Las Vegas the most :D

  10. Yeah the Empire State Building is currently the tallest, but there's a building under construction that will be bigger. I never been to Vegas (but I really want to go!) but I've been to Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Boston (long ago), Philidelphia, and I'm going to Nashville later this summer.

  11. And very expensive I think! I heard this too I can't really imagine what that's like! In my country we don't have buildings so tall. I'm not sure about this but is The Empire the tallest building in New York? That sounds so nice! I bet I'd like that too I love pizza! If I ever visit New York I'll be sure to taste that one! :) What other cities did you visit? Did you ever visit Las Vegas?

  12. I've actually never been to Serendipity but I hear it's very good. The size of all the buildings is crazy. You never get used to looking up and no matter how hard you tilt your head the building still seem endless. If you stand under the empire state building you seriously can't see where it ends. As for no so famous places I personally like "the village". That's where you have all the music clubs And neat little shops. I bought a lot of hard to find records when I was there. I love the little things. It's pretty well known I guess but a lot of people skip it over I think (It's also home of the original Ray's Pizza which IMO is arguably the best pizza place). I also love that you can go anywhere by subway and you can find cool stores by going down random streets. People are lot more talkative there then where I'm from. You go into a store and they'll ask you about your day and all that. It's such a simple thing but I love that people are so outgoing.

  13. That's amazing! So how awesome is the Empire State Building and did you ever go to Serendipity? The things i know about New York I would be such a tourist there xD What's something special there that isn't so "famous"?

  14. Holiday. I'm just getting back right now. It was pretty fun! I go quite often but I did a lot this time that I've never done before.

  15. Math exam will be the hardest!That's what i'm most nervous for Yeah it's a pretty tough decision xD I know I'm always shocked when i find out about things like that I'm like but I just saw this movie with him How can he be dead?(Heath Ledger) and today I just saw "Burning Dan" died and i couldn't believe that either...

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