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  1. Hey guys! Thank you for all of your kind, sweet comments. They're greatly appreciated. It's the proudest moment of my life introducing Coldplay to the stage. I'm shocked, amazed, proud, overwhelmed....you name it! I can't get my head around it all. It's such a privilege. I've met the band twice and didn't think it could get better than that, but this quite possibly does. I'm up in Glasgow now for tonight's show and we recorded a handover to Glasgow so that'll also be so cool to see. So happy to share the moment with Linus. I hope we did the band justice. It's something I'll cheris
  2. Yes mate, the Secure Secure bit is gold. The photo makes it look otherwise. Thanks for that. With them being paperlike I wasn't sure if I was being conned you see. Can't wait for tomorrow now !
  3. Hi Guys, I recently bought two pit standing tickets for the show through StubHub. It's the first time I've ever bought tickets through a ticket reselling website so had a few concerns. I have received my tickets through the post and they seem genuine but at the same time they're made of paper. Just wondered if those who have tickets have the same type of ticket. I've uploaded a photo so you can compare your ticket to mine. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hey. Do you still have these tickets available? I'd be more than interested in taking them off you. Also, for what section are they for? Thanks.
  5. Sheffield, UK! It's been 7 years since they came to my hometown. I work at the football stadium Bramall Lane (capacity for concerts around 40,000) in the city centre and they have stressed to me that they are very much interested in hosting concerts again at the 'oldest professional football stadium in the world.' Bruce Springsteen just one world star to name to have played at the stadium. If Phil is reading this, I have contacts at Bramall Lane (stadium manager, managing director etc...). Don't hesitate to get in touch with Sparky or Mike if you're interested and they can relay to me; if y
  6. Sat in the queue at Earl's Court listening to it on repeat x20 haha. Absolutely love it!! Very hopeful they'll play it here tonight at the BBC Music Awards. Would be a great opener :)
  7. Join us in the queue Marc :) We're in the basement
  8. Join us in the queue Marc :) We're in the basement
  9. I'm sat in the queue now. I'd say around 1,000 people here queuing already.
  10. I was a bit disappointed when I found it they'd be opening the awards. I'd have preferred the anticipation of them closing the show or playing towards the end but I kinda expected them to probably open it. Almost certain it'll be A Sky Full of Stars they'll play. Can't wait to be honest. There's some very decent other acts playing like Take That, Ellie Goulding, Clean Bandit, Ed Sheerhan.... Really looking forward to it to be honest. See you all there :)
  11. I'd be slightly underwhelmed if paid almost 100 euros for 16 songs. Couldn't they play more? Don't see what's stopping them
  12. Pleeeeease be true! Hope they play it. A very underrated song!
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