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  1. Hello fellow Coldplayer friend!! Just wanted to drop by and hello and see how you were doing! Hope all is well with you! I love my Coldplayer family <3 Everybody is so sweet on here it warms my heart! Take care hun!

  2. THIS! I lost way to many family members on the illness.... R.I.P. Tucker .... And R.I.P. all my loved ones who battled this horrible illness....
  3. If I recall right he wears a 44 eu size so that will be a 10 uk.
  4. hmmm what would be hanging around with Chris, John, Will and Guy be like..... I think I would take them to one of this huge amusement parks and have plenty of fun. Not talk about anything work/ Coldplay related. It must be fun for them and the everlasting questions about, what in the end is, their work don't belong in a fun day off in my book. So my day with them would be making sure that they have a good time, relax, enjoy and have fun.
  5. Dutch: Wat als? Every teardrop is a waterfall
  6. AWESOME!!!!!! They deserved it!!!! Thanks for the nice new Tash!!!
  7. Also in Holland there where people selling tickets online which would never arrive to your door. Luckily someone who yet had that problem post in online so I could save myself the pain in the ass of buying the same tickets as he did and not receiving them. I'm sorry for Thalia and Chris that they've been screwed up by some .....
  8. I might be waiting at the mailbox LOL....
  9. Ordered my DVD/CD the other day.
  10. It's alright, don't worry about it.... :)
  11. You are a real artist! Wish I would be able to draw like you!
  12. Sorry I should have wrote a new post for it. In this way it can create confusion! Actually I wasn't meant for you at all...
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