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  1. i want one too!!! so bad... ive googled youtubed ..ive done everything.. not found it though
  2. id have to say... Chris Martin (especially with a beard!!!)
  3. I JUST saw! 550! what the hell! ...thank god i already have a ticket.. or should i buy the 550 one just incase my stubhub ticket is fake.....
  4. :o ..i had stubhub tickets for last nights show and it worked fine.. i hope my stubhub ticket for tonights show works fine too...... D': i dont wanna get sent back! i want a red xyloband :'( !!!! "cries"
  5. eerrrmm i am super nervous/excited! i just wanna get there on time and get back to my hotel safely =P .....im in the Hilton! anywaysssss the set-list seems to be similar to the rest of the MX shows! i am still hoping for something special! ..if not today then tomorrow!!! like car kids or something !
  6. I am going to the shops tomorrow to grab a jacket! do you guys recommend any stores where i might find a similar jacket to Christopher! :)
  7. Thanks! i will make sure i ask the concierge before i leave :) because tbh i hate the subway !
  8. haha ya! the NYE is going to be good too! i cant wait for it! i cant wait for both! im really hoping for a new song... i had a dream last night that they played a new song.. in my dream chris said the name.. but i forgot it argh ill try and remember it!
  9. i thought after the concerts there would be a lot of cabs outside the area waiting to pick up people.. thats what happened to me last time!
  10. :O lucky.. do you guys this its going to be a regular MX set-list? or is it going to feature a lot of different stuff.. maybe some new songs
  11. wooh! 1 week from now we will be there! i hope a lot of old stuff gets played ! like everythings not lost & spies! :P unlikely but "CROSS FINGERS"
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