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  1. Sorry, I have not been around for a while, but is still OUR HILL. If not, then it will be MY HILL! And then it will be MY HILL forever. Period. .
  2. Awesome Thalia. I am SO happy for you!!! And I loved to read your story; you wrote it down in such a humoristic way; only YOU can do it ha! You did a great job in Berlin, under these extreme stressfull circumstances! And as others mentioned above, I think you deserved it most to do this interview. I like they liked your artwork so much and signed it for you. These paintings must now be priceless souvenirs for you - well, the whole thing must be your adventure of a lifetime, wasn't it?! Anyway, I think we are blessed to be fans of such lovely, nice and talented musicians. Hopefully we
  3. I won't hate you Gerben, please don't be hard on yourself! You did not knew this, you did not want this to happen! Maybe you can contact the real Dave. And if not, we pick ourselves up ( :cry:) and we all wait patiently for another chance te see Chris and the others :) There are much more worse things in the world; we will overcome this :)
  4. thx Gerben! I'm in!! One can ask and get the money back at any moment you want, so it seems safe. And I like this idea a lot.
  5. I have managed to get two stalls on my hubbies name, so my circle seats (1 th July) are for sale: Circle Seats (Restricted View) Block: R Row: 5 Seats: 63 - 64 Friendly price: 50 pounds each. We can walk you in when doors go open. Please pm me when you are interested. The tickets have found their destination!
  6. tickets still popping up guys. I could have bought 5 times by now!!
  7. I just saw it! congrats! I am so happy my stress is over!!!
  8. Go Hannah; I'll give you the Zorro-mask when you need it!
  9. I think you need to hide your reference number in this message....
  10. Thalia, it is great! I love it! I hope this piece of art attract the attention of lots of people. This deserves it indeed.
  11. Too late. It is OUR hill since the forum has a new owner.
  12. .... OUR hill is still here....!!
  13. BarbaMama

    Love buttons

    Nope - I did not receive an answer either :confused:
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