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  1. Haha, thanks! :) So how long have you been a fan of CP? :D

  2. You're supposed to be MY girlfriend. Now you're telling me you're pregnant with my ex's baby.? -_____-
  3. Yeah.! :D && That's a pretty name! (x i love it :3

  4. Hey thanks for accepting my friend request! :) :) I assume that perhaps your name is Sydney? :) My name's Glyn. :D

  5. I think there is :thinking: You did? Cool :D I'm trying to convince my mom that my next phone will be an iPhone :awesome:

  6. Yessssss. I'm all for equality because I grew up with my ex's family, and he was raised by lesbians.
  7. I'm sorry. ): My mom's really uppity about religion and stuff... and she's just... Ugh =,=
  8. Honestly, You're a horrible boyfriend. Even though I met her a little while ago, she sure as hell treats me 10x better than you do. She makes a freaking EFFORT to talk to me. I feel like i'm just your "booty Call" and you don't love me for me. You're throwing a year & 4 months down the drain... so it's whatever. && Mom, I'm bisexual. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DEAL WITH IT.
  9. Yeah, I guess(x They should make a colplaying app for iPhone! I got one for christmas :]

  10. great so things are back to normal I presume? :P

  11. Yeahh ! Im so happy! :D

  12. Oh hey you're back! :D

  13. Well Hii Theree . ! I'm backk . !!!! :DDD
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