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  1. From 1:59 until 2:05 it reminds me of an older Coldplay Song? Can You help me?
  2. Wow...how good...another perl from X&Y. I remember when I was 13 or 14 years old, in 2005 and 2006, the radio stations very often played "Talk" and "Speed of Sound" and every time I felt interested, touched and I asked my dad to make it louder. Realy fallen in love and either don't know the title of the songs and even the band behind (there was no shazam and the internet very lame). But one day, purely accidental in 2007 I found "Talk" on Musicload and also the band behind, Coldplay. Furthermore the knowledge, "Clocks" is also from them. Finally I was able to answer the question "what is your favorite band?" I was so proud to name......"Coldplay". In 2007, I pleased my dad (maybe one day I'll fly next to him) to buy X&Y. Certainly there are better songs, but it was my very first album, so it owns a special place in my heart forever. Still fascinated by the cool, athmospheric sound, distortet guitars, mixed with the warm and sometimes tearful voice by Chris, the questioning of journeys through space and time, orientation and so on....whatever, I am a little relieved, they use sytlistic arrangements from older times, like in ALIENS. But for sure, we got jewels from all LP's, EP's, B-Sides, also from the last releases. best regards
  3. On last Sunday I listen EL for the very first time. Completely unaware, it was released. The intro began (maybe a market in the middle east or India?), the strings and the piano, Chris, wow so touching. On YouTube someone wrote the words..."completely unexpectedly til the end of the year, Coldplay release an album and the year will be a better one now for the last two month..." Thats so right, I feel so better now.
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