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  1. The quote is from 2005 - click on The Guardian 2005 interview link on the fifth paragraph of the qthemusic article: Elton refers to the 2005 headline slot...in the 2005 interview. http://www.theguardian.com/music/2005/feb/04/2pac.popandrock scroll to the very bottom.
  2. The videos are up on the Ellen site :) Magic http://www.ellentv.com/videos/0-qte0gxpd/ A Sky Full Of Stars http://www.ellentv.com/videos/0-m5vpmf25/
  3. Radio 1's Big Weekend Coldplay Live @R1BW SAT 24th May 9:55pm - 11pm BBC Three Continued coverage of the annual music festival from Glasgow Green. Presenters Greg James and Jen Long bring the day's proceedings to a close with a performance by Coldplay. Regarded as being among the biggest bands in the world at present, they are one of the event's headline acts. Coverage continues tomorrow at 7pm, and throughout the day on BBC Radio 1.
  4. Funny that the search feature didn't bring up that thread...I searched for Boris Becker, Elton John foundation etc...oh well :) - I guess they were new to others too!. Found them randomly after watching the Wimbledon highlights...
  5. Boris posted photos from the Elton John event show: scroll to left for three more
  6. DefDazz

    Coldplay's Twitter

    Ricky Gervais ā€@rickygervais On a serious note, thank you so much to my 3 million followers. I'm celebrating with a couple of chums.. -------------- Ricky Gervais ā€@rickygervais ā€œ@Mikey2004: Chris Martin & jay zā€ Yes. Me and Jay Z are teasing Chris for being poor. Cruel. But that's what mates do right?
  7. oops...:) Spinal Tap moment - they came out early as the intro video was still on and then left hehe One of the technical hitches mentioned by Chris... Looks as though Jonny was actually playing....and their video stuff had started. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6JT-4wBsig&feature=channel&list=UL]Summertime Ball Intro and Coldplay Part 1 on 9 June 2012 002.MTS - YouTube[/ame]
  8. Video to air this week - BBC2 TOTP2 31st May http://www.radiotimes.com/episode/qwdqv/totp2--episode-9 TOTP2 - BBC2 6:30-7:30pm - Thur 31st May Mark Radcliffe introduces another selection of timeless classics, including tunes by BJ Thomas, Billy Ocean, Prefab Sprout, Five Star and Ralph McTell. Plus, the video for the new single by Coldplay and Rihanna. --- Guess it will be online before this.
  9. The key word about this video is EDITING It's all the same throughout, sort of like Speed Of Sound but at least that video had the dark build up part before it kicked in. Would have been better if they shots of the band in the "dark" and then the crowd scenes during the chorus parts - with the lasers and xylobands going off at the same time and wider shots showing an actual crowd as a whole. But then they did shoot it in a small pub... The camera jumps about too much and the shots are always too tight and it never focuses on any band member for more then 1 second. The drama of the song isn't represented as it could have been. The glow effects also could have been used in a much better way, the glow bands are always out of focus. Sadly it looks like they are just at a nightclub with a regular dancefloor laser on. At 2:28 it looks like they are moving to a larger location, maybe the band about to appear on a stage for a big ending, then goes back to the tight shots which could have still been in the pub.
  10. Yes! Megaupload was shut down this week. Regardless of whether any of it's users were doing legit stuff. But let's face it many file sites like that are shady. The people running Megaupload made millions and like the original Napster people, were idiots. If they policed their own sites then they would still be up and the many users who use them in a legit way could still have access. Napster was great for Live music recorded by fans but they never removed the official albums. So a great thing was lost. If Napster had changed they might have made friends with artists and the record industry - more importantly artists. In the same way YouTube could have readdressed their site before Viacom brought their legal action. R.E.M. used to have an agreement with fan sites that they could have a sharing hub for live concerts - fan recorded stuff as long as they didn't have official albums in it. Napster could have been like that for all artists and it could have had loads of ads that gave revenue to every artist who used it. I would say the Multimedia section of this site would be something to be readdressed if SOPA passed with little change to it. Especially because SOPA targets foreign non-US websites that host links to US content (US TV appearances). And the "we're fans and only want to watch it" reply to them won't be listened to. Of course the thing on this sites side is a good relationship with the band. As in, you'd hope you could talk to your band contacts and work out solutions and they'd help in the process. If the need arises.
  11. A very interesting and informative video from TED. It gives you an idea of the back story to this and the reasons why it is bad (not bad for illegal downloaders) but for those who aren't. A very well thought out and put together presentation: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h2dF-IsH0I&feature=plcp&context=C3455d77UDOEgsToPDskK-mugtqUfzq29pvZbjq3Es]Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea) - YouTube[/ame]
  12. If this "does" pass you would see Coldplaying.com go offline very quickly along with every other Fan Forum with outside links - media pics etc in it. Coldplay.com would also be blocked due to the Exhibition Room and it's links to YouTube videos. They would be forced to remove every link on there and many of the links they post in news updates. Which of course would help solve the Piracy problem that the evil coldplaying.com and coldplay.com are happy to be involved with... Just to relate this to Coldplay for a moment.
  13. Looks like the full sets are on now on the Red Button Snow Patrol doing Just Say Yes at the moment.
  14. Children in Need Rocks Manchester Thursday 17 November 8:00pm - 10:00pm BBC1 Charity concert led by Gary Barlow, who has brought together a stellar line-up of musical talent including Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Kelly Rowland, Jessie J, Andrea Bocelli, Elbow, JLS, James Morrison, Snow Patrol, Hugh Laurie, Ed Sheeran, the Collective, Dappy and Fazer, plus Jamie Cullum all doing their bit for Pudsey - with other surprise guests promised on the night itself. Presented by Chris Moyles, David Tennant and Fearne Cotton from the MEN Arena. VIDEO Plus+: 9369 Subtitled, Widescreen, High definition
  15. I put this in the Norwich thread as well but just so it gets noticed :) Radio 1 have added the full encore, all 17 mins. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall Green Eyes Shiver Us Against The World. http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/cc197bad-dc9c-440d-a5b5-d52ba2e14234
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