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  1. So sorry for posting this so late but I am the worst procrastinator! Just before Christmas I received this amazing gift from @prospekts_march in Indiana! Definitely wasn't expecting a t-shirt and it is so lovely I wore it on Christmas day! Thanks a bunch :)
  2. I still haven't received mine... I have faith because mine got to me late last year
  3. Had this amazing vision the other day. Imagine it's the very last show of the tour in Argentina, Up&Up just finished and the band takes their final bows. But then, Chris heads back to his piano and the rest of the band take their spots. The crowd quiets down, and suddenly they play this: And there's a huge fireworks show when the song picks up. I think it would be an awesome and emotional way to end the era, especially with Chris singing "In the end there's only us, oh my friend there's only love". It kind of "completes the circle" and sums up the whole journey of the band from Parachutes to now. Just a crazy vision I had, but it gives me goosebumps thinking about it.
  4. Looks like Coldplay are trying out new "zoned" Xylobands for this show, everybody got a wristband taped to their seat instead of receiving it at the gate. for reference:
  5. Now what if it is called "Something Beautiful"? Just a theory... check out the captions
  6. Hi everyone, I know this is a VERY long shot but do any Canadian Coldplay fans happen to have any confetti from the July 24, 2012 show in Toronto? I have a confetti collection from every show I've been to, but this is the one show that I'm missing confetti from. If you'd be so kind to send me even just a few pieces I'd be happy to pay postage or trade you for some AHFOD confetti. Thank you!
  7. Oh awesome! Yeah Ben helped us out a bit with the puns and gave a couple examples, they're pretty simple.
  8. I don't know if Coldplay got the tower to do that, or if it was just perfect timing. The CN Tower usually does a big light show at 9pm
  9. Thoughts on this show: Went for both support act sets this time. Although the audience wasn't really into it I LOVED AlunaGeorge and I've been playing their albums on repeat since then. So glad the dome opened! Usually Rogers Centre has terrible acoustics but that made it much better. My seat was right by the b-stage but so many people left their seats and crowded around there I lost my spot at the barricade. Was too crowded around me and I barely had any room to jump around like I did in the first show. Didn't mention this in my post about the first show but I loved the use of fireworks - these were my first stadium Coldplay shows (only arenas before) and the fireworks made for a much better effect. Was kind of hoping for Birds over GPASUYF at this show so they could switch it up, I found that Chris seemed a bit more tired during this night's version of GPASUYF and it was much better performed at the first show. Fix You was outstanding, just looking at all the Xylobands during the start and getting that sense of unity made me feel amazing. And love that run Chris does from the b-stage into the fireworks! AMAZING DAY. What a surprise! My favourite part of the show. I saw Jonny waiting on the b-stage with his guitar during Green Eyes and didn't know what was going on, and when he started playing those first notes I was taken away. The perfect song to sum up two amazing nights. I lost it during the second verse of Up&Up, was just overwhelmed with happy emotions and I was bawling. Just felt so blessed and grateful. A lot of my videos came out blurry sadly, I guess it was since I was focusing more on the actual show and not how it looked on my camera lens. So I guess that's a good thing and a bad thing. Tried to get a setlist after the show but security kicked me out much quicker so they could clean up. I get that they need people to leave but they were quite rude about it. Overall: both shows were great for different reasons. I think I liked the first show better in terms of the overall experience, but still glad I got to experience both shows. Pics later!
  10. Wow I'm really late to this, but I finally found time to post my thoughts on this show. I was so honoured to do the intro video for this show, which I wrote about in detail here: https://www.coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/my-intro-video-experience-toronto.110310/ I really enjoyed Izzy Bizu but was disappointed at how few people were in the audience for her set, made it a bit awkward. The mellow live versions of her songs were quite different to what I heard on her debut album, but I liked it. Sadly had to miss AlunaGeorge this time, I found out my portable charger was not working and I had to wait in line for ages at the stadium phone charging station. Heard a bit of the set from there and it sounded fun! So glad the dome was open! Made for much better acoustics and the fact the CN Tower was watching over us felt amazing. During the opera intro when the tower lit up in rainbow colours, that was probably the most euphoric moment of my life. Just perfection. AHFOD never ceases to impress me. Probably my favourite song of the show and I think my favourite song to see them play live. GPASUYF was great! Was my first time hearing it on this tour and the way the crowd got involved was incredible! Yay for new butterfly confetti! SEVEN songs with confetti is a bit much, but it makes the show unforgettable. I'm sorry Chris but Fix You is NOT a song to restart - even if it's as a joke. The way HFTW usually transitions into it makes it so emotional but that almost ruined the impact. Love how the lyrics to Kaleidoscope are put up on the screen now, makes for a better effect so the audience gets the meaning. I thought I was gonna be disappointed if they played In My Place and Don't Panic, since they play those all the time, but I loved it. Didn't know that Will gets to sing the whole song so that was a great surprise. The improvisation song was amazing, my parents said it was their favourite part. I was just so lost in the moment during SJLT and ASFOS, I span around in the aisles while the confetti rained down and I was just in bliss. Didn't get a setlist at this show sadly, but met some amazing roadies (Chris K and someone else) who chatted with me after the show. The kindest people ever. But the best part of this experience: all the amazing people I met! To those that I met at the tour buses, at the charging station, at my section and by the stage after the show, you are what made this show unforgettable. I've never felt so connected with so many people at a show and I'd do anything to experience that again. Pics coming later!
  11. Finally got time to write about my intro video experience in Toronto! https://www.coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/my-intro-video-experience-toronto.110310/
  12. I wanted to write about this so people have an idea of what the experience is like! I was so honoured to do the intro video for the first show in Toronto, and receive a tour of the b-stage from Ben before the show. Here's how it happened. It's been my absolute dream to do the intro video on this tour so I wanted to try my best to be chosen for this show. I work about 2 minutes away from the Rogers Centre and got off at about 12:30. Then I decked out into my Chris Martin outfit and headed for the Rogers Centre. It was HOT - so hot I didn't think I would be able to wait for so long in the heat. I went by the tour buses/trucks but there were no other fans waiting there, so I decided to walk around the stadium a couple times. There were a few fans but most of them were just there to buy merch early - not many were there to actually wait for the show. On my second or third round I got talking to a couple fans from Newfoundland who said they liked my outfit. When all of a sudden - I saw Ben. At first I wasn't sure if it was him as I could only see from behind. He was looking for fans but found no one, and was walking back to the tour buses. I tried to catch up with him and yelled "hey Ben!" but he didn't hear and crossed the road. He went behind the fence and got on his golf cart to go backstage, when I crossed the road and suddenly made eye contact with him. He did a double-take and I started to walk away so it didn't look like I was trying to get his attention (I was). Then out of the corner of my eye, I see him u-turn the golf cart and get off. It was at this point that I knew my dream was about to come true. He comes and shakes my hand. He's a very tall man and also smells very good. The conversation went something like this: Ben: Hey man, what's your name where are you from? Me: I'm Rhys and I'm from Toronto! Ben: Big Coldplay fan? Me: Yeah, tonight is my fourth time seeing them and tomorrow my fifth. Ben: .....do you know about the intro video? Me: Oh my god yes I would be so honoured. He then tells me to meet him in an hour by the tour buses. He said to me that he didn't see many fans around the stadium, and wanted to see if he could find anyone in an hour. So then he leaves me to go backstage and I'm sitting there like omg this is happening. About a half hour later I walked over to the aquarium to use the toilet, and on the way back I see Ben chilling by a gate. He comes and walks with me back to the tour buses and we just have a normal conversation like we're friends. We talked about where we're from and what his role is in the band etc. You know just casually walking around with someone that works for my favourite band. Then when we get back to the buses we see someone else waiting who was a big fan and Ben enlisted him for the video as well (his name was Jeremy really nice guy). He gives us both backstage wristbands and all of a sudden we're on a golf cart heading underneath the Rogers Centre. We zoom past all the backstage rooms until we're in the actual empty stadium. All the roadies are sitting down watching the solar eclipse being broadcast on the jumbotron, us and Ben casually chat to them which was so weird, they didn’t welcome us or anything but instead they were just treating us like normal people that they knew. Ben then says to us, “would you like to come on the b-stage?” He unlocks the barrier and I walk up the stairs to the b-stage. Ben shows us the markings where the piano and equipment go, and then takes pics of us standing on the runway. This moment was just too unreal for me and I couldn’t believe it was happening. He showed us a few secret parts of the setup - did you know that the floor on the runway has springs underneath that help Chris jump? We then hop back on the golf cart and head for the friends and family room. When Ben walked us into the room he said, “The Friends and Family room, because we’re all friends and family” :blush: We go in and see the backdrop already set up, and Ben and another roadie work out the lighting. Then Ben showed us two previous intro videos on his laptop as an example (Cleveland and New York, well done). Then we had to come up with what we had to say for the video. This was the really awkward part. We had to come up with two Coldplay puns to use and we ended up using “we’re here under a sky full of stars” and “under the sun and it’s eclipse” (from SJLT, as it was the day of the solar eclipse). We filmed the video in four takes and Ben was super patient with us which was great. Then we filmed the “sending love” video to the next city which at the time was Houston, but that show was cancelled after. Our video was still used at the Miami show with my voice changed to sound like I was saying “sending love to Miami”. :laughing: Ben looked over the video there although we didn’t get to see it until the actual show. Then we returned in the golf cart to where we started, shook hands with Ben and got pictures with him. As he left I told him it was a dream come true and he smiled. It was indeed a dream come true and likely the best experience of my life. When the video played in the concert everyone around me was cheering and screaming "that's him!" I even had people that I hadn't talked to in years message me saying they noticed me in the video! This band honestly makes dreams come true and for that I'm so grateful.
  13. O (Fly On) Miracles (Someone Special) U.F.O. Shiver Life Is For Living Life In Technicolor ii Politik Reign Of Love Death And All His Friends A Message
  14. Ben found me at about 1:30. And my stadium didn't really have a "main entrance" so I was waiting by the tour buses, although he asked me where he could find a main entrance as he was looking for more fans
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