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  1. So sorry for posting this so late but I am the worst procrastinator! Just before Christmas I received this amazing gift from @prospekts_march in Indiana! Definitely wasn't expecting a t-shirt and it is so lovely I wore it on Christmas day! Thanks a bunch :)
  2. I still haven't received mine... I have faith because mine got to me late last year
  3. Had this amazing vision the other day. Imagine it's the very last show of the tour in Argentina, Up&Up just finished and the band takes their final bows. But then, Chris heads back to his piano and the rest of the band take their spots. The crowd quiets down, and suddenly they play this: And there's a huge fireworks show when the song picks up. I think it would be an awesome and emotional way to end the era, especially with Chris singing "In the end there's only us, oh my friend there's only love". It kind of "completes the circle" and sums up the whole journey of the band from Par
  4. Looks like Coldplay are trying out new "zoned" Xylobands for this show, everybody got a wristband taped to their seat instead of receiving it at the gate. for reference:
  5. Now what if it is called "Something Beautiful"? Just a theory... check out the captions
  6. Hi everyone, I know this is a VERY long shot but do any Canadian Coldplay fans happen to have any confetti from the July 24, 2012 show in Toronto? I have a confetti collection from every show I've been to, but this is the one show that I'm missing confetti from. If you'd be so kind to send me even just a few pieces I'd be happy to pay postage or trade you for some AHFOD confetti. Thank you!
  7. Oh awesome! Yeah Ben helped us out a bit with the puns and gave a couple examples, they're pretty simple.
  8. I don't know if Coldplay got the tower to do that, or if it was just perfect timing. The CN Tower usually does a big light show at 9pm
  9. Thoughts on this show: Went for both support act sets this time. Although the audience wasn't really into it I LOVED AlunaGeorge and I've been playing their albums on repeat since then. So glad the dome opened! Usually Rogers Centre has terrible acoustics but that made it much better. My seat was right by the b-stage but so many people left their seats and crowded around there I lost my spot at the barricade. Was too crowded around me and I barely had any room to jump around like I did in the first show. Didn't mention this in my post about the first show but I loved the use of fireworks -
  10. Wow I'm really late to this, but I finally found time to post my thoughts on this show. I was so honoured to do the intro video for this show, which I wrote about in detail here: https://www.coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/my-intro-video-experience-toronto.110310/ I really enjoyed Izzy Bizu but was disappointed at how few people were in the audience for her set, made it a bit awkward. The mellow live versions of her songs were quite different to what I heard on her debut album, but I liked it. Sadly had to miss AlunaGeorge this time, I found out my portable charger was not working an
  11. Finally got time to write about my intro video experience in Toronto! https://www.coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/my-intro-video-experience-toronto.110310/
  12. I wanted to write about this so people have an idea of what the experience is like! I was so honoured to do the intro video for the first show in Toronto, and receive a tour of the b-stage from Ben before the show. Here's how it happened. It's been my absolute dream to do the intro video on this tour so I wanted to try my best to be chosen for this show. I work about 2 minutes away from the Rogers Centre and got off at about 12:30. Then I decked out into my Chris Martin outfit and headed for the Rogers Centre. It was HOT - so hot I didn't think I would be able to wait for so long in the hea
  13. O (Fly On) Miracles (Someone Special) U.F.O. Shiver Life Is For Living Life In Technicolor ii Politik Reign Of Love Death And All His Friends A Message
  14. Ben found me at about 1:30. And my stadium didn't really have a "main entrance" so I was waiting by the tour buses, although he asked me where he could find a main entrance as he was looking for more fans
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