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  1. yeah i saw his dad, what a cutie... i stood at the pyramid stage all day beginning at the kaiser chiefs, so i kept moving up, by the coldplay set i was like second row. so i got to see everyone, very cool. well worth the money spent and the journey over the pond.
  2. i dunno what you are talking bout, i loved new order. transmission and love will tear us apart were excellent. world in motion and temptation were great fun too. good fun, but of course i was disappointed too about blue monday cause they played it at coachella, so why not here? oh well, new order still rock!
  3. i was more excited to see edgar wright and simon pegg actually, i love those two. they were both jammin out with ash, them simon came out again with gwyneth right before coldplay takin pics of the crowd. two of the coolest people, with the best band. it was a great night. plus, keith allen dancing on stage in that silly outfit, i couldn't stop laughing.
  4. i was there, i saw it all. mike h jumped into the crowd the second to last song. then they were getting ready to play fearless, and he comes from backstage just completely naked. it was great, i couldn't stop laughing... i don't think that will make it past the censors, there was too much flying around. a quality show though, the best i've seen them outta 4 times. i will have a pic tomorrow if it came out, haha
  5. wow, i have been out of the loop for awhile. neways, i was hoping someone could send me the cover song 2000 miles by coldplay, still haven't heard it. it would be greatly appreciated, since i can't find it anywhere. cheers, thanx alot! --enid
  6. sorry yous guys, i had to shut it down. the labels are getting people for hosting mp3s...it really sucks. but i just want to say thanks for the support the last few months. cheers...thanx alot----enid
  7. just wanted to let everyone know, i updated the site. i am looking for the two songs coldplay collaborated with Ian McCulloch on his new album...if anyone has these, please send them to me so i may post them. cheers...thanx a lot *Patsy Stone* http://www.freewebs.com/enidvalu/
  8. how awesome is that commercial??? i love it. the song is the best, and the kids are wicked....here is the link (http://www.nintendo.com/news/news_articles.jsp?articleID=9036) to watch the commercial if you haven't seen it, or if you love it. the song from it is a phantom online, but you can download it off my site. cheers----enid http://www.freewebs.com/enidvalu/ (go to my personal page, about enid, to download it)
  9. here too... http://www.freewebs.com/enidvalu/
  10. enidvalu

    kill bill

    greatest movie so far this year in my opinion. seen it 3 times already, bought the cd and vinyl soundtrack...everyone must go see it...the animated part kicks ass. kill bill vol.2 will not arrive fast enough!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :D
  11. the person who sent the files to me said he taped it off the radio, they just didn't play it. i will put up 1.36 live from the other melbourne conert.
  12. just put them up, enjoy. cheers----enid http://www.freewebs.com/enidvalu/ DOWNLOADING THE SCIENTIST, IT'S FUCKIN HILARIOUS!!
  13. just put them up, enjoy. cheers----enid http://www.freewebs.com/enidvalu/
  14. i don't think so because it's just live stuff off the internet and radio....you can't buy them, so i think your ok.
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