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  1. kalter is flying to the beautiful df and buying tickets for the df show ehhhhhhhh ... see you theeeeeere
  2. ha 200 people from this board are listening to thaaa exclusiveeee x&YYY previewww righttaaata NOW!!! :o
  3. Exclusieve albumvoorstelling wowzaaka! !
  4. so what did i say? :thinking: oh i see So what did i say?
  5. why don't you stick your friend up your anus?
  6. Justine calm down. no need for caps dear :stunned:
  7. wooza! hola ari! espero que te encuentres bien ;]
  8. mafe do bitches suffer from alzheimer's disease?
  9. ^whOOpsay! you didn't get him, right?
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