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  1. Albums: 1. A Rush of Blood to the Head 2. Parachutes 3. Mylo Xyloto 4. Viva La Vida and Death and All of His Friends 5. A Head Full of Dreams 6. X and Y/Ghost Stories tie
  2. 1. Birds 2. Amazing Day 3. Fun (Feat. Tove Lo) 4. Army of One 5. Everglow 6. X Marks the Spot 7. A Head Full of Dreams 8. Adventure of a Lifetime 9. Hymn for the Weekend 10. Up and Up
  3. Round 1:Don't Panic vs A Head Full Of Dreams Round 2: Shiver vs Birds (Shiver is my second favorite Coldplay song of all time and Birds is my favorite song from AHFOD) Round 3: Spies vs Fun Round 4: Sparks vs Everglow Round 5: Yellow vs Hymn For The Weekend Round 6: Trouble vs Adventure Of Lifetime Round 7: High Speed vs Army Of One Round 8: We Never Change vs Amazing Day Round 9: Everything's Not Lost vs Up&Up Round 10: Parachutes vs. X Marks the Spot AHFOD: 4 Parachutes: 6
  4. Radiohead and Coldplay are both my favorite bands. House of Cards is not plagiarism of Don't Panic. Just because the first chord is the same doesn't make it plagiarism. Think of all the songs that start with a C Major chord. There are countless numbers of songs. Neither band plagiarized each other. Both bands have been accused of plagiarism in the past: Radiohead with Creep and Coldplay with Viva La Vida. These songs indeed were plagiarized, but accidentally. I accidentally plagiarized Reckoner by Radiohead before I had ever listened to the song, or maybe I had listened to the song, but I didn
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