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  1. Another perfectly crafted pop song. The best track of the entire AHFOD era for me, the verses with Jonny's funky guitar are brilliant. Big Sean's part didn't disappoint at all.
  2. 1. Clocks 2. Paradise 3. Viva la Vida 4. Yellow 5. Midnight
  3. Spoiler FREE Civil War Review: I don't really wanna go in depth but I'll say Marvel really delivered, making what I think is the best MCU film since The Avengers or maybe since Winter Soldier (I think it's on par with WS) Action sequences were top notch, new characters were introduced perfectly. I went in Team Cap, left Team Cap. If you want to watch Civil War and you haven't seen The Winter Soldier and/or Age of Ultron you've got to see those first for the best experience.
  4. Sometimes dull, but Ful Stop and Identikit are amazing. Not nearly as good as OK Computer, Kid A or even The Bends. Still, I'm happy to have new Radiohead music.
  5. One week til I see it. Trying to avoid spoilers. I went on a Marvel marathon recently and I'm so excited!
  6. Ending the show on Up&Up is so anticlimactic. Wish AHFOD had a better album closer. Anyway, this was fun and we were lucky to get a bunch of good periscopes. See you all next time.
  7. I'd be really happy if this is real. I want to hear Politik, Amsterdam, Moving to Mars, Shiver and Trouble every night! One thing I'd do is rotate ASFOS with ETIAW (an incredible song live)
  8. They performed A Head Full of Dreams as a web exclusive: http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/coldplay-a-head-full-of-dreams/3003049
  9. Thanks, but the AOAL video is blocked by WMG. Anyone know where I can see the AOAL performance?
  10. Yes I have heard it. You're right, he sounds good singing songs like Everglow, but AOAL and HFTW are just not suitable for his declining vocal abilities.
  11. I didn't make this, but you could ask "jessepinkman" on their tumblr: http://jesseepinkman.tumblr.com All I know about the song is that it was played in 1998. It's the only song on the list I have never heard.
  12. I just discovered the "Coldplay song sorter", a tool you can use to rank almost all of the Coldplay songs! It doesn't include the AHFOD songs and it's missing a few others, but all the important ones are there. Took me about 30 mins but now I have a pretty accurate list. If anyone has time to kill, try it and post your results! http://jesseepinkman.tumblr.com/COLDPLAYSONG My list: 1 Clocks 2 Paradise 3 Yellow 4 Viva la Vida 5 Midnight 6 Magic 7 Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall 8 Square One 9 Speed Of Sound 10 Death and All His Friends 11 Yes 12 42 13 Violet Hill 14 Always in My
  13. Worst song on AHFOD. Won't do well as a single. Fun would be a better choice.
  14. I wish he said something a bit less kind. That BMTH mr. nobody douchebag needs to be put in his place.
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