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  1. Best song on the album so far i also do like Human Heart its a nice one while im not a big fan of Higher Power
  2. I barely cry in my life but today i cry cry cry when i heard the album for the first time in my car Im so grateful for Coldplay being part of my life <3
  3. i think one of the reason this is not streamed live is because you can't sing when it's pray time in islam , so i love how they respect that
  4. [MEDIA=twitter]1196407759413161985[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1196407759413161985?s=21 Wow big news !!!
  5. If order the album from amazon japan will it have the bonus track “ flag “ ?
  6. As for my ranking 1) VLVODAAHF 2) AROBTTH 3) AHFOD 4) MX 5) EL ( for now ) 6) X&Y 7) Parachute 8) GS IMO EL will age very well , i will not be surprise if it end up being in top 3
  7. Lol same as me , i only listen to the album twice im going to save it for the car raiding that’s how i can tell if a song is good or not for me XD
  8. I can’t get this song out of my head , like literally Somehow it remind of the old Coldplay who i didn’t realize how much i miss them until now
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