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  1. http://player.radio.com/listen/station/971-amp-radio Chris is on from 7-8 California Time, which is right now!
  2. Round 1: Don't Panic vs. Always In My Head Round 2: Shiver vs. Magic Round 3: Spies vs. Ink Round 4: Sparks vs. True Love Round 5: Yellow vs. Midnight Round 6: Trouble vs. Another's Arms Round 7: Parachutes vs. Oceans Round 8: High Speed vs. A Sky Full Of Stars Round 9: We Never Change vs. O Round 10: Everything's Not Lost vs. All Your Friends Round 11: Life Is For Living vs. Ghost Story 7-4 Parachutes
  3. Round 1: Hurts Like Heaven vs. Always In My Head Round 2: Paradise vs. Magic - Round 3: Charlie Brown vs. Ink Round 4: Us Against the World vs True Love Round 5: ETIAW vs. Midnight Round 6: Major Minus vs. Another's Arms Round 7: Up in Flames vs Oceans Round 8: Don't Let It Break Your Heart vs. ASFoS Round 9: Up With the Birds vs. O 5-4 Mylo Xyloto Surprised me!
  4. Round 1: Life In Technicolour vs. Always In My Head Round 2: Cemeteries of London vs. Another's Arms Round 3: Lost! vs. Magic Round 4: 42 vs. Ink Round 5: Lovers In Japan vs. True Love Round 6: Viva La Vida vs. A Sky Full of Stars Round 7: Violet Hill vs. Midnight Round 8: Strawberry Swing vs. Oceans Round 9: Death And All His Friends vs. O So Hard ! 5-4 Ghost Stories..Still think as a whole Viva la Vida is my favorite!
  5. Round one: Square One vs Always In My Head Round two: What if vs True Love Round three: White Shadows vs Ink Round four: Fix You vs Magic Round five: Talk vs A Sky Full Of Stars Round six: X&Y vs Midnight Round seven: Speed Of Sound vs Another's Arms Really Tough! Round eight: A Message vs Oceans Round nine: Low vs All Your Friends Round ten: A Message vs Ghost Story Round eleven: Swallowed In The Sea vs O Round twelf: Twisted Logic vs Atlas Round thirteen: Till Kingdome Come vs O [part two/reprise] 7-6 Ghost Stories Wow! Some of those were really hard.
  6. Round 1: Life In Technicolor ii vs. Always In My Head Round 2: Postcards From Far Away vs. Magic Round 3: Glass Of Water vs. Ink Round 4: Rainy Day vs. True Love Round 5: Prospekt's March vs. Midnight Round 6: Poppyfields vs. Another's Arms Round 7: Lost+ vs. Oceans Round 8: Lovers In Japan-Osaka Sun Mix vs. A Sky Full Of Stars Round 9: Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground vs. O 8-1 Ghost Stories... Not surprised, big fan of GS!
  7. Round one: Politik vs Always In My Head Round two: In My Place vs Magic Round three: God Put A Smile Upon Your Face vs Ink Round four: The Scientist vs A Sky Full Of Stars Round five: Clocks vs True Love Round six: Daylight vs Midnight Round seven: Green Eyes vs Oceans. Round eight: Warning Sign vs Another's Arms Round nine: Amsterdam vs O 5-4 A Rush of Blood To The Head...That was close!
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