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  1. It was a nice listening party, I'm glad I joined it :)
  2. The strings in this song are great as well. They certainly now how to include them on their songs
  3. And now Hypnotised, love the way it starts :heart: and thesong in general
  4. It's nominated for pop album but I don't think it fits one genre. It mixes all they've learned from all their influences
  5. I haven't learned the lyrics by heart of A L I E N S
  6. Same! The lyrics are what I've believed since I can remember. This was a great way to include rapping in a Coldplay song
  7. All I Can Think About Is You is amazing, love it! It's the perfect song to start the EP Also, "then what a lone poor shoe" makes me laugh
  8. When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough Don’t ever give up Don’t ever give up Believe in love:heart:
  9. I love the message they wanted to give. To never give up, be grateful, to be kind, to be patient for the good things that are coming:heart:
  10. Amazing Day is one of my favorite songs, love the lyrics and the vibe. I loved they played it live, this song expressed how I felt at their shows
  11. I love it! My heart go bum bum when I listen to it :D
  12. About Army Of One I prefer the hidden track. And my favorite line is "the beautifulest treasures lies in the deepest blue"
  13. Fun is one of those songs I don't enjoy at all and I don't know why. It's a nice song of course but not one of my favorites in the album
  14. Same! I loved it and I remember I wanted to cry when I heard Jonny's last riff:heart_eyes:
  15. I felt dehydrated. It was in Mexico City and I went to the previous concert with glibal citizen. So that walking under the sun, with few water, next day queueing early in the morning and then standing until Coldplay came back I wanted to give up but HFTW saved me:p
  16. I have this memory of the concert where I was about to leave my spot during Clocks but I was told not to do it. I waited and HFTW came and the line "you rained a flood" give me back the energy to survive the rest of the concert :p
  17. Sorry I'm late :D I missed AHFOD and now I'm listening to Birds, both great songs of the album!
  18. I almost forgot about it, I'll come back in 10 minutes :D
  19. 9 am and 10 am est are perfect for me. It'd be great to listen to both!
  20. I should come here more often lol I saw this article today and came herd to share it and to my surprise it was already shared:D
  21. Thank you so much and congrats to all the winners :blush::party::party:
  22. The last 2 I watched that aren't new at all were Coco 10/10 loved it and cried because it's so beautiful. It was inspired in Dia de muertos a Mexican tradition Spiderman: Homecoming 8/10 It's good but didn't surprised me at all
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