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  1. It was a nice listening party, I'm glad I joined it :)
  2. The strings in this song are great as well. They certainly now how to include them on their songs
  3. And now Hypnotised, love the way it starts :heart: and thesong in general
  4. It's nominated for pop album but I don't think it fits one genre. It mixes all they've learned from all their influences
  5. I haven't learned the lyrics by heart of A L I E N S
  6. Same! The lyrics are what I've believed since I can remember. This was a great way to include rapping in a Coldplay song
  7. All I Can Think About Is You is amazing, love it! It's the perfect song to start the EP Also, "then what a lone poor shoe" makes me laugh
  8. When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough Don’t ever give up Don’t ever give up Believe in love:heart:
  9. I love the message they wanted to give. To never give up, be grateful, to be kind, to be patient for the good things that are coming:heart:
  10. Amazing Day is one of my favorite songs, love the lyrics and the vibe. I loved they played it live, this song expressed how I felt at their shows
  11. I love it! My heart go bum bum when I listen to it :D
  12. About Army Of One I prefer the hidden track. And my favorite line is "the beautifulest treasures lies in the deepest blue"
  13. Fun is one of those songs I don't enjoy at all and I don't know why. It's a nice song of course but not one of my favorites in the album
  14. Same! I loved it and I remember I wanted to cry when I heard Jonny's last riff:heart_eyes:
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