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  1. Hebrews 6;18 comes to mind, and a good thing we have the freedom to ask...
  2. Love to tell my cousin that Jesus knows what your doing and he does not approve, in case your wordering he's the sunshiny guy sitting on a throne in a certain room... Disgrace what you plan....
  4. dontgo


    haha and be your sex slave. I know thats what your thinking....
  5. I think I should hand my license in, my driving scares me lol, when my daughter went to bali with her boyfriend I thought well perhaps I dont need my license anymore but I was kinda wrong, I do need it..
  6. Needless to say she has been stressed today to top up her crappy time of life she's been having lately after being dumped
  7. Lucky for her it was not night time and lucky for her she knows at least one person nearby who was home and was really only a work aquaintence because really she has no friends over her way, they are all over next to me which is over an hour away so Im really upset about this situation and how she got herself into it I hate to explain
  8. I hate shifting too.. I tried to sleep but cant and im soooooooooooo tired.. My daughter had a crappy day, she locked hersefl out of the house with phone and money in the house, she was on her way to work so she went to work had to cancel her shift luckily boss understood and ride to the nearest buddy to borrow the pc to get the landlords number, she couldn't get through nobody there on saturday so after trying the another number she luckily got through and was able to get in her home at 2pm she was lucky to eat breakfast at a mates but thats all she had all day, then she rang and told me
  9. Some people couldn't give a shit about where you live , how you live, what your not capable of , what your future looks like, as long as they have a roof on their head,good food, millions of people kissing their arse they only care about breaking the mould, stuff the persons views or feelings of touching base
  10. lol thanks.. Feel like crap, 38 future looks shit, need to getaway
  11. Yes im 38 today, and grids, why are you going to miss this place ??
  12. Thats shocking! I hope it sorts itself out.. Meanwhile your dad has growing up and consideration and love to think about..(how to care for others feelings, which he really lacks I had a good sleep, dreamt of my ex and something else and also meant to check a persons name on the net but I lol forgot the name.. Right now im sure if If I was married right now I'd be looking somewhere else bc of lack of consideration from my other half,I feel neglected and unconsidered in my situation and lately Im finding myself liking a person I never thought of having anything to do with, and its was wild.
  13. lol^ I want to listen to more music..
  14. Loving you Is it the right thing to do? How can I ever change things That I feel? If I could Baby I'd give you my world How can I When you won't take it from me
  15. Oh best wishes for ya buddy hope all goes smooth :) Im going to go back to sleep now so chat again soon..
  16. Wouldn't want to be tripping with them on lol^ Had a good sleep but silly dreams so not worth mentioning, and some too personal like family so no news today..
  17. I have to go a while now my mother is awake and I need to know something... So chat later :)
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