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  1. Yeah... Champion of the world was a little rough :joy: I agree with others that it does have a more produced feel than a true live performance but still enjoyable. I hope they are still going to play Viva/Sparks?
  2. Wow, not sure what else I can add that hasn't already been said but that was a fantastic first listen! Champion of the world a big standout for me. The last four songs as a whole feel very much like the oldplay fusion with newer Coldplay that I was hoping for from the album. Loved it.
  3. How good are the acoustic clips in the Orphans video?!? Wow
  4. If you are in the UK Banquet has it up for pre order - https://www.banquetrecords.com/coldplay/everyday-life/0190295337834
  5. For those interested, there also appears to also be a gold vinyl release coming for the 'indie exclusive' record shops [MEDIA=twitter]1187439578183024641[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/BullMooseVinyl/status/1187439578183024641
  6. Just confirmed on radio 1 that the singles will both be hottest records on Annie Macs show so I expect there will be some form of short interview.
  7. Im expecting a Radio 1 interview Thursday, its no coincidence that the UK release time is 7:30pm. Same time as Annie Macs hottest record.
  8. Official tweet and website update! [MEDIA=twitter]1186603671167131648[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/1186603671167131648
  9. Didn't this confirm it was real anyway seeing as there was a tweet :p Anyway, glad to see more being sent out, hopefully someone on here gets one! :D
  10. I certainly think its real, very similar to what we saw last week with random fans getting sent the framed picture?
  11. Exactly how I read it. "Double album... One half sunrise the other sunset... it comes out 22 November".
  12. Greg James just spent a good few minutes on radio 1 discussing the teaser over the weekend and Chris performance but unfortunately no new info
  13. I certainly read it like this as well that there will be a 30 second clip of a song titled 'Trouble in town' plus an acoustic performance of one of three songs (Orphan, Daddy or Everyday Life.) but as others have said, there is no need to include this text so its clearly a hint :) Also noticed on the image file, it is called "OG_image". Wonder if OG is a reference to an name perhaps or just open graph/original but seems unnecessary to name the image file it as well.
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