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  1. [video=youtube;VPRjCeoBqrI] edit: sorry for posting again, i didnt see
  2. You know what happens to those who refuse to "go along with the world"? They vanish. What I mean is, in everything and I mean everything, if you don't "evolve" you're left behind. Our world is mad and it's in constant changing. For example, industry, once they were manual, now they're all about "robots" and machines, and those industries that kept their old ways, what happened to them? They lost their track, they vanished. Same happens in music industry. Once they used, what some of you like to call "real instruments", now it's all about computers. Coldplay only has one option if they want to keep in the music industry, go with the flow. Don't believe me? MX explains my point. (I'm not saying it's a bad album) The album has too much Chris? Obvious. It's about his love life. And believe me, if the album exists it's because the band agreed and if they're "okay" with that why can't we just be too?
  3. Maybe I didn't explain myself right because english isn't my main language, but I'll try my best. 1 - I was refering to us, coldplayers. So far from what I saw people were loving the tracks and now I don't see that anymore. I find it a little weird. But maybe it's just my impression, idk. 2 - I don't see sad songs with fast/happy tunes. It's rare. 3 - No, I'm saying that he made the lyrics so """weak""" since he wanted to express what he felt/feels without getting too personal. For example, Taylor Swift, she gets too personal on her songs which makes media and people trying to get in her life and making fun of it, maybe Chris was trying to avoid that. I hope it's more clear now, if it's not, I'm sorry. And then again, this is just my opinion.
  4. Adoro, principalmente ao vivo *-*
  5. haha I gave that title on purpose. When I said that, I didn't mean rage songs but songs like Charlie Brown. (Although there's ASFOS, but one case in nine)
  6. Sim, é mais ao contrário XD :laugh3: Qual é a tua música favorita dos coldplay?
  7. Olá! Bem-vindo de novo :P
  8. Things I don't understand: 1 - We heard the album (eg: live versions) before it release and only now, after the release, people start complaning that the album sucks? I mean if it's bad now, then should be before, I guess, and I don't remember seeing any or such "hate". 2 - The album is about a heart-broken, did you really expect songs with "loud and fast" tunes? 3 - It's a personal album, for Chris, of course he made the lyrics weak, so he could express what he feels/felt without "bashing" Gwyneth. He knew this album would become popular because of the breakup so he didn't get into details. When I heard the album in overall I could feel the "thing" of being heartbroken. GS is all about that.
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