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  1. Hello? Can I have the violin sheet of Viva la vida? (I saw you on a post about it). Thank you!

  2. ^Wooooo ! Thank you ! I never know which threads to look at...
  3. Jeno Jando - Beethoven Piano Sonatas Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head Rush - Roll the Bones Rush - Counterparts Simon Legault - Science Wielded by Love
  4. I'm thinking: I haven't been on here in months ! And I need to book some gigs...and school starts in 2 days and I should get some sleep !
  5. I still don't understand how guys add me every once in a while...what are they doing searching profiles, and what goes through their minds when they click on the "Add as friend" button? Do they seriously think I'm going to accept? Sheesh...I love clicking on "No" when Facebook asks "Do you know this person outside of Facebook?". Hah !
  6. After spending the entire week painting my appartment with music accompanying me, I realised that don't only listen to Coldplay and Rush, but also some grunge, a lot of classical, a lot of lounge and jazz. So if someone asks what I listen to, I say both Coldplay and Rush.
  7. Salut tout le monde! Une autre Québécoise ici ! :)
  8. Привет!! Я канадка но я учила русский, потому что я хочу выучить русский и украинский. Моя семья украинская.... Меня зовут Гвен :).
  9. The first 13 pictures are from July 26, 2012 at the Bell Centre. :)
  10. Yeah, they've come a loooong way from their X&Y days (concert wise) ! For Osheaga, I was there all afternoon, baking in the sun, and managed to squeeze in (and make a few people unhappy) just to find my friends who were already in the front. It was well worth it to be in front of Jonny (and Chris, when he decided to hop on over to that side of the stage) !!!
  11. Well, I was at the show on Thursday, and played a recorded message that in both French and English telling audience members the usual venue rules, and they specifically mentioned that pictures were not allowed to be taken. I remember hearing this because both my friend and I said "Yeah right, everyone's got a camera here!". I think they just don't want professional cameras to be used, other than by official journalists and whoever who are permitted to bring those cameras to a show.
  12. Last night was just...spectacular. Amazing. Emotional. Beautiful. Fun. Everything! It was my 4th time seeing Coldplay, and I have to admit that yesterday was definitely the best, even out of Osheaga (and being in the very front row!). I had SO much fun singing, dancing, jumping around, and the bracelets were absolutely beautiful when lit up. Coldplay, you've well exceeded my expectations. And I've also found a new appreciation for Mylo Xyloto!

  14. This is my first time seeing ETISW live. Didn't think they would have him playing acoustic guitar before switching to the drums. I missed the transition between the two, but I'm guessing it was fast and that for the future they hope they will be no mess-ups ! That's why I commented.
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