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  1. don't revolve your life around coldplay because i still get friends i knew from middle school asking me what i think about jlaw dating chris martin, what i think about ghost stories and i still get war flashbacks about myself wearing a shirt with an iron on of chris' face and this one kid telling me he looks like rob schneider and other embarrassing stories i wish never happened might not matter in the long run but when you're far from listening to british alternative rock and people still think you're the same person you were at the tender age of 12 when you're almost 18 it gets annoying
  2. my passion is butt licking
  3. Hey! sorry I didn't see this message before. I didn't add you in Youtube, but I do have an account Here it is in case you wanna check it out :)! www.youtube.com/eduardocoldplayer[\url]

  4. me 2i ate too many sweets i will never lose weight </3
  5. i learned that i need to be more positive and distract myself and take risks or else i'll get bored and overthink useless things and get depressed
  6. tell me more coldplay fun facts
  7. i say keep it out, you're only alive for a while in this world so why not let it roam and believe in its dreams
  8. is that a recent picture of Dee? Caught Red Handed
  9. My name is Stanley Yelnats IV and I was falsely arrested by two police officers for stealing a pair of sneakers that a famous baseball player named Clyde "Sweetfeet" Livingston had donated to a children's orphanage. I now attend at the juvenile detention camp, Camp Green Lake and I dig up holes.
  10. i will just change the thread title. we're not spending more money on ur corrupt romanian white ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. fr*ck but ive learned from my mistakes

  12. that's a direct quote from you you can't change history

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