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  1. Prolly the nose bleeders to be honest. But still pretty cheap for nose bleeders
  2. Yeah that's true. The announcement clearly says 'first' shows. My only issue is that I'm going to be away until July 22nd, and if somehow they manage to come after the show in New Jersey to Toronto my life will be quite depressing.
  3. Also is it just me or does even the first few dates seem a little... Sparse
  4. I really hope. Maybe they're coming later in the year. Crossing my fingers because I don't think I'm going to Boston any time soon
  5. It so weird though because usually Toronto is a guarantee on all world tours.
  6. I'm really bummed that they haven't said anything about Canada yet though
  7. Am I the only one who's really bummed they're not coming to Canada? Or are they gunna announce some more dates?
  8. (So now we're writing paragraphs? Only one sentence per post please :) )
  9. ^^ really? I found the video a little... Stupid. But I guess it's them trying to stay away from like the guy with girl backup dancer stereotype
  10. I'm surprisingly hearing a lot of news on the Super Bowl but amazingly it's not negative
  11. I think no matter how "crappy" the albums become Coldplay will still be something special live
  12. Oh hey jeez a lot has happened- well Christmas break is over and I'm back! Really late but can someone tell me the answer to that classical music symphony clue by i ran away because I kinda am anxious to know
  13. I beg to differ. At least in Canada
  14. Oh hey putting it out there that I probably won't be on the forums much for a while cuz I'm going on a Christmas trip to Italy lol
  15. But that my just opened my eyes a bit, knowing I Ran Away- I bet you that the song is from the X&Y era
  16. Oh is it from that guess which song is being played thread?
  17. Since when were pictures involved with this? And hey since when did you know the answer aha
  18. Well yeah I suppose, I think it's all just a big barrage of general disagreement. Which kinda sucks
  19. Pre release live version? Something off MX then? Agh honestly i don't really have a clue where to start!
  20. ^^ Aw that's so sweet. But it seems for me that I am almost putting too much in, I constantly try to smile and tell jokes and get involved but I feel like I can never get close to anybody. I have so many okay friends but absolutely no good friends, and it sorta kinda pisses me off lol
  21. Ahaha don't worry about it I suppose it's a part of everyone's life
  22. Because the were already named starfish so you know...
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