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  1. You have to sign in for some how. I just used a spam gmail.
  2. Guys, I found something. https://m.vk.com/wall-31352730_847124 You can hear the Chris Martin studio version of Heaven. Idk where they got it from but it is the real deal
  3. Next album will be called A Head Full of Surprises. LOL
  4. Gosh...it’s been an absolutely increible era. My first Coldplay shows (three of them this era, LA2016, LA2017, SD2017), and the second era I’ve seen beginning to end, it’s been quite the journey. This band and it’s songs have changed the person I am. I hope this continues with LP8 and the next few years of anticipation (and hopefully some random bonus tracks here and there). I don’t think this is the end, as some music reporters have said/wanted it to be. This is truly “a next chapter”.
  5. This song genuinely surprised me. It's a great song, great lyrics, and Big Sean's part actually fits pretty well. I was hopeful about it despite a rap artist being on it because of Lost+ and I was not disappointed.
  6. I posted a little about this song earlier but I've been listening to it on repeat and this song is heaven. This has jumped to being one of my absolute favorite songs period. Not just from Coldplay, I'm talking period. It's beautiful, emotional and while lyrically thinking worldly, it is also relatable personally too. This is quite a stunning release, this EP. I can't quite make out the Miracles (Someone Special) lyrics and song through the live version, I shall wait until the studio version is released to discuss it, but this is, in my humble opinion, Coldplay's best EP. Yes, Prospekt's March
  7. It's at 3:20-3:40? All I see is Chris trying to speak Japanese
  8. What the hell did I just listen to?? It's so strangely beautiful! I absolutely love it!
  9. So I'm like stupid but um, how does that app work again? Sources have said it uses the microphone on your phone to listen in on when Hypnotized is playing but I checked and see if the app uses the microphone in settings and it absolutely doesn't use the microphone. Sooooo do I just try and play them at the same time as much as possible or??
  10. I'm hoping Big Sean's involvement will be nothing more than say, Jay-Z on Lost+. I actually liked his addition to Lost and I'm hoping it's something along those lines. It's gonna be at least somewhat different than the current Miracles, and I don't think it'll be a + of Miracles, but at the same time, I'm hoping BS' involvement is limited. We'll see. How does the Tokyo live version of SJLT sound?
  11. I agree with I Ran Away. It's a great song, but not quite to the levels of Hypnotized for me. Although, it'll take a lot for them to have a song that reaches beyond Hypnotized for me personally. It's one of my favorite songs of theirs recently.
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